July 25, 2013

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Taking a break during adult swim...

  • Robby was up before the crack of dawn and before any of the rest of us were up. His mission:  Take my car for a tire fix and be done before work.  I had managed to get a nail in the tire a few back but it was only a slow leak. While he was there, he also had my oil changed and tires rotated!
  • Meanwhile back at home, the troops began stirring and of course, they were hungry for breakfast. With everyone fed, it was time for school day #4.  Everyone did really good today - maybe because they are already knew there was no school tomorrow.  Or maybe because they knew there was a possibility of going swimming in the afternoon and no weather forecast for rain.
  • Once today, I was telling Anderson that it was not okay to hit "not even once."  He looked at me and said "twice is okay?"  That boy almost didn't make it to lunch time.  Lunch time is where Graham bit is own finger while trying to eat his chips-from his cries you would have thought that he nearly bit it off.  
  • We finished lunch and by then it was time to head out...first stop:  Grannymom & Grandpa's to drop everyone but Reagan off.  Because Reagan was going to the dentist for a cavity filling. After a bit of laughing gas, she was in la-la land and said she never felt any pain.  I believe her - she did call out for a few times with that slight giggle.  Dr. Jolly finished in no time and we were soon headed back to Grannymom's.  (Note-Jolly called tonight to check on Reagan-that's a good dentist) Everyone loaded up and Grannymom and Cash met us at the pool for an afternoon of swimming.
  • Graham was spending the night at Grannymom's, so he left with her and Cash when they left at 4:30.  The rest of us swam, took another adult swim break, and pretty soon Robby showed when he was finished with work.  We traded places - I left to go home to get ready for Bunko and he jumped in the water. Fortunately for him, Ms. Jenny (Anderson's teacher last year at Comm Central) was there and needed a baby fix and offered to hold Whitman. She ended up holding him until the next adult swim. 
  • Robby reported the crew was pretty water logged, hungry and most were ready to head home.  Reagan wanted to go to Wendy's for a frosty but Robby talked everyone into Arby's (their favorite fast food sandwich place) since it was on the way home.  They brought supper home, ate first and then it was showers for everyone including Whitman.  Robby set him up in the Bumbo with Anderson.  
  • Anderson convinced Robby to let them watch a movie since they missed 'movie time' this afternoon.   Then Reagan even said she would help feed Whitman if they could watch a second movie - Robby thought that was a win so he took her up on the offer.
  • After movies, teeth brushed and it was bedtime.  Whitman wasn't quite ready and decided to spit up some, and then was hungry again. A quick 2 oz and he was out a little before 9.