July 5, 2013

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I was in the lead the first 9 frames...then my brother beat me!

  • The kids didn't sleep in as long today as they did yesterday but they were more than willing to spend some time on the ipad and watching a movie before breakfast.  Cake Boss is the show of choice again with the boys.  So much so that the other day at breakfast the kids toasted each other with their milk cups and Anderson said "salute" which is how Buddy and his family toast on the Cake Boss show.
  • While the kids were eating breakfast, Campbell spotted something in the hammock-Robby!  Before she had finished her pop tart she was out the door followed by Graham.  Keaton was signing "all done" as fast as she could and then was shouting "shoes" until I found her clothes and shoes.  Reagan and Anderson were the next ones dressed and out the door.  Poor Robby was having a relaxing few minutes on that hammock and then I let 5 kids go out to ruin that for him!  Ha!  
  • Soon I had picked up the house and brought my project out-a measuring board to start measuring the heights of the kids with.  After a bit of work, it is now ready to hang and way too soon I was raking up rocks near the driveway.  Robby had finished most of the work and after only a few minutes of me being there, the other kids migrated to be near us...or maybe me.  I think that I am a child magnet-the other day at the zoo some other kid joined our herd for a few minutes.  
  • The kids had a snack around 11 and soon we were out the door headed to eat lunch.  Mellow Mushroom was our pick and I give it a C-.  The pizza was good but a 2+ hour meal with 6 kids is way too long.  The kids were really good-well, 5 of them.  Poor Keaton eventually had enough of sitting and when I took the cheese away from her she was done!  Thankfully, we were outside so the scene wasn't too bad.  Won't be long until that poor child will be visiting the time out seat very, very soon at our house.  
  • After our meal was finally over, we headed to celebrate the kids learning their verse and earning their prize.  Bowling!  The kids were pretty thrilled about bowling.  Graham was in the lead until the very end when Anderson passed Graham's score of 99 with a 106.  Reagan was in the back of the pack until the end when she passed Campbell.  Bumpers are amazing-maybe I should have played and could have gotten over a hundred.  Poor Keaton only got to roll the ball down the lane a few times and was none to pleased about that.
  • Next stop was for ice cream and then home.  We had made a day of it and continued with a movie before bed.  We all piled back in the bonus room again-we haven't been spending much time up here since the kids have been staying up later this summer.  We had popcorn and drinks and all enjoyed the movie before bed.
  • Keaton went to bed first and was not going to be happy about it.  But once we watched the deer for a few minutes out the window she quickly calmed down.  We watched the deer and she said "deer" and then she added "eat."  My child is brilliant!