July 6, 2013

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A Day of Swimming!

  • Graham came to our bed some time this morning (it was light out).  He told me that he had wet his bed and said he didn't want to get back in bed.  Before I rolled over for him to get in, I felt of his pants and they were dry.  I figured that he had changed his clothes and went on to sleep.  Much, much later this morning I went upstairs to change his sheets-they weren't wet.  So I climbed up to the top bunk to do a smell test and they had not been wet.  Then I looked for his wet pajamas but couldn't find them anywhere.  So I am not sure now whether Graham dreamed all of this or if I dreamed him telling me that.  
  • It was around 8 when everyone started stirring and before too long, we were loading up heading for the pool.  Grannymom and Grandpa arrived when we did and we all stayed from 10 til 2.  For the first hour my crew was the only ones in the pool.  
  • The water was still cold but I did get in once and Robby did twice.  I tried to have the boys swim to me some and Graham did but Anderson convinced himself he couldn't.  So Robby mentioned the diving board and away they went.
  • Reagan is a pro diving and pretty much anything swimming related.  After one or two jumps Anderson would jump off the board and swim to the ladder without any help.  But Grahammer had convinced himself that he couldn't do it.  He did jump to Robby twice but was near tears.  
  • Then he had to go to the bathroom and Grannymom took him.  The boy came back and dove off the diving board at least 4 more times.  He wasn't scared nor did he need any help.  Of course, I asked Grannymom what she did to facilitate this change-she offered him a popsicle!  Whatever works!  My Graham was so pleased with himself and they continued jumping off the diving board tonight at Kennedy's house.
  • After sandwiches for lunch (minus the meat-we forgot it) and one more kid swim hour, we headed home for naps, laundry and regrouping.  Whitman watched golf with Robby-that little guy is going to love tv.  He is wide-eyed and watching 20/20 with us now. 
  • We had supper at the Stott's house and then the kids swam some more.  Campbell took off her floaties and swam to Anderson.  She swam, swam, swam and the stopped.  My first thought was that she was treading water.  We were all so impressed until she shouted "I can stand up."  Yep, my baby isn't little any more.  She spent the rest of the evening walking around the pool without floaties-of course we diligently watched her.  
  • So after Campbell had pottied, tonight while swimming, she looked in the mirror and shouted "look at my naked!"-she gets all of that from the Dennie side of the family.  
  • We changed the kids into pjs and had one last snack before heading home.  The kids had a big day of swimming and 4 were asleep when we made it home.