July 18, 2013

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Here comes trouble...

  • Robby was out the door this morning before the rest of us woke up. Whitman was the first riser and I had to wake Keaton up at 9.  We had a pretty lazy morning but did do a few chores-which didn't go as planned.
  • I had wrote out one chore for each kiddo to do-chores they have done before maybe with my help but nothing new-and everyone seemed to have a problem.  Anderson's window washing skills were pretty pitiful so I had to show him how to do it so he grumbled as he rewashed 3 windows.  Reagan, who usually loves organizing, was almost in tears trying to organize 2 drawers (hmm, I never checked her work and now wonder how well she did)  And Graham failed miserably at matching the missing socks.  He finally got it together but it took awhile.  Somedays everyone does great at working and other days not so much.
  • We did some of Graham's reading book and even ended playing round after round of ping pong.  And then we played the never ending game of Uno.  Reagan has just gotten hooked on Uno and it really is a pretty good game since all (well, most) of the kids can play.  
  • We had lunch and then I tried to put Keaton down again on her mat to practice for the trip.  She laid down perfectly and even seemed tired even though nap was about 2 hours earlier than usual.  I was in the kitchen working when I heard her open and then close the door upstairs.  By the time I made it to the stairs she was walking down the hallway.  Funny that she closed the door behind her.  I laid her back down and she waited about 5 more minutes before she came out again-this time holding her baby and blanket.  After taking her back to her mat, I asked her if she wanted to lay in the bed and she nodded her head yes.  We will try again tomorrow on the mat.
  • The others watched a few movies while I did a few things trying to get ready for school to start on Monday.  Not real sure if I am going to make my deadline and I am even getting cold feet on starting school this year-I like summer break but two big trips means school starts early around here.
  • My mistake this afternoon was trying to hurry the kids (and myself) this afternoon after their movies.  I wanted them to pick up, brush teeth, potty and put on bathing suits and do it quickly.  I should know better because rushing everyone gets my nerves frazzled and causes their behavior to plummet.  We made it to the car on time but we were not a happy crew!
  • We had all calmed by the time we got to Beebee's place.  The kids were actually pretty delightful.  Campbell did show out a bit and fussed when Beebee tried to comb her hair but Keaton sure made up for it.  Keaton just sat in Beebee's lap letting her comb her hair.  And when we left, Anderson and then Graham asked if they could go back and hug Beebee.  I am sure that made her afternoon.  Sweet and all I know, but my Anderson can turn on the charm when he feels the need-today he was trying to make up for our hectic afternoon.  
  • Then we headed to the pool...I let Robby know where we were and he said it was raining downtown.  By the time we hit the interstate it was dark and getting darker.  Soon it was pouring on us but when you have put bathing suits on 6 kids and loaded up bag after bag of swimming paraphernalia then a few raindrops or even a thunderstorm will not keep you away from going swimming.  
  • Actually, I didn't know what to do and probably said that over and over as we continued our rainy drive towards the pool.  I drove by Sams thinking I would just take everyone in to buy milk and pick up medicine while waiting on the showers to clear.  (I could have taken the milk to Grannymom's fridge)  But in front of Sams it was dry and the sky looked clear.  
  • So we drove on to the pool but no on was there.  I circled in the main lot to check the gates for a sign but there were no signs.  We all hesitantly climbed out of the car.  Reagan even told me that she was embarrassed because what if they said we couldn't swim.  I told her that I was kind of too.  We went in the gate and the life guard met me.  He said that we couldn't swim until 15 minutes after the last thunder.  So we headed down to the playground to wait out the occasionally thunder claps.
  • On our way down the steps, Reagan said "this is the best day ever."  Who knew letting them go to the playground would be so exciting.  It thundered about every 14 minutes for nearly an hour.   Finally when Robby was off work and heading our way, it seemed to have cleared and we headed to the pool.  The life guard said we had 5 more minutes from the last thunder (um, no, I had been outside but I gave it to him anyway).  By that time it was raining but they said we could still swim in rain so the kids dove in.  
  • The kids had the pool all to themselves.  No one else ever came-kind of strange swimming in a big pool with 3 life guards watching your 4 kids (Campbell doesn't count since she had on floatees and Whitman wasn't in the water).  At adult swim we had the pizza that Robby brought.  
  • Robby jumped in and of course since we had already decided that I would go to the store afterwards and wouldn't get in-the water was perfect he said.  The kids continue to get better at swimming and I think that Graham may be swimming a bit faster than Reagan.  Anderson is a fraidy cat but he can do it.
  • I did run to the store so that left Robby to bathe and pass out snacks to the kids while in the dark.  The power had been out since the rainstorm around 4.  Thankfully, the house was still comfortable.  When I pulled into the driveway, the power did come back on.
  • Soon everyone was tucked into bed to do it all again tomorrow!