July 10, 2013

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Reagan goes bowling (again)...

  • Robby and I were up early (for us) and before 7, I glanced at my phone and saw that I had a missed call.  My grandmother called and left a message saying that her roommate had died (actually, she almost did but not quite) and for us not to come because she was going to take a nap.
  • So Robby and I replanned our day-when he was going to work, who was taking Reagan and  errands.  This did allow me to stay at home and do some work instead of dropping off Reagan.  Though when Robby dropped my baby off he text back and said "5 buses, 70 kids."  
  • I wrote back asking for more details.  Reagan has never been on a group outing like this before.  Buses? No car seats? Carrying her own money? Public place?  Oh, my!  Growing up too fast.  
  • And speaking of Reagan, I will go ahead and tell you all about her day.  She rode on the big bus beside Kate and then Kennedy.  The person that drove the bus was "an orange haired teenager" or at least that is what she said.  Ms. Paige showed them how to put their names on the screen and they played 1 game and started a second.  
  • The big drama was figuring out how to order food "since it was not from a machine."  Yes, Reagan was sent with 5 extra dollars.  She said that her and 3 other girls went together to figure out how to order.  Reagan bought an icee and a "huge hershey bar."  She even gave a dollar to a friend who had lost theirs.  
  • It was good that we practiced bowling last week because she was first place in her lane with 101 points.  And after bowling, she went home with Kennedy after a stop at Larry's pizza.  Reagan came home with an eraser and tiny toy.  That girl had a big day and when she finally made it home, she did NOT stop talking all evening long.
  • Back to this morning and the rest of the kids....our first activity was-well, I don't really remember what our first activity was.  But one thing we did this morning was work on the boys pirate ships.  Seriously, I do not think we will ever get those things finished!  I so regret putting them on the boys' Christmas list!  Actually, we just need one or two more days and of work and they will be done.  We are to tying the sails on the ship-my goal is to have them finished by the time we start school....the week after next (though that may be delayed a week)
  • We also worked on the goodie bags for Graham's birthday party.  Anderson, Graham and Campbell each added a color (brown, green or black) to made them look camouflaged-well, kind of camouflaged.  They had fun doing it and that is all that matters.
  • Next up, I finished the main part of my packing.  Not complaining about packing but man is it a lot of work.  But I am so darn good at it-we should just travel more often!  Then I ended up in the toy room helping with legos.
  • We had lunch late and soon we were playing volleyball in the living room.  Then the kids watched a few movies while I did some work.  After a while, I was moving stuff out of the attic and heard Keaton waking up from her nap yelling "hi, momma, hi!"  She saw me through their bedroom window and was screaming her little heart out for me to come and get her out of bed. 
  • Robby came home and soon I headed out with Campbell to pick up Reagan.  We had a few stops-library books, exchange some shoes and buy some more.  While I was out, the kids played outside.  Whitman got to enjoy outside while buckled up in a car seat that was in the garage-he was able to sit up and see everything and Robby didn't have to worry about him falling out!  
  • Jason stopped by to see everyone during supper and soon we were tucking the kids in.  Tomorrow is a big day-start of vacation.  Graham thinks we are going to Disney tomorrow and Campbell is pretty convinced that we are going to the beach.  I am sure that the cabin will meet up to their expectations-if not, all of the food that I am bringing sure will.  Just with the food that I have packed alone, we could feed the whole family for at least a week.