July 20, 2013

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Waiting out adult swim time...

  • Yesterday when Campbell was "packing" for Grannymom's house she decided to take Keaton's baby doll (which is actually hers).  I felt bad for the poor girl and let her take it while crossing my fingers that Keaton was able to sleep well.  So when it was bedtime my Keaton took Whitman's toy monkey to bed with her and slept perfectly.
  • Whitman woke up at 6:15 because he did not read the "It is Saturday Memo."  He did eat and then went right back to sleep between us.  Anderson was up next and he was "starving" and begged to eat.  Robby told him to go and get a poptart but he said that he wanted to eat with us.  So I did what all good mothers do on Saturday morning-I handed him my phone so he could play a game.
  • Reagan and Keaton were up soon and we did head to eat breakfast.  Robby ran to work this morning to get caught up on a few things and with 2 less kids around, we just hung out here.  Anderson and Reagan worked on legos with me, Anderson also put together a wooden dump truck and helped me sew for a bit.  Reagan also helped me sew-we made a tooth fairy pillow for the boys.  Really that is how slow things were around here for me to pull out the sewing machine to make a tooth fairy pillow and no one has any loose teeth.
  • We had lunch and then Robby called to put the plan into motion.  What plan? The swimming plan.  We loaded up and headed down the road...and soon tears ensued.  At the church down the road they were having free ice cream to advertise for their VBS.  And someone had even came to the door to give us info about it this morning.  I had even said that we might stop but them completely forgot about it.  Robby and Grannymom and Grandpa were meeting us at the pool and I had already called Nonna telling her we were on our way so I really couldn't stop.  Anderson was devastated (drama, drama).  Reagan tried to explain to him that we had ice cream at home but that would not do.  That little church has done some pretty good advertising and even sent us a postcard (they had our address from Easter a few years ago).  We might possible let the big kids go-Reagan said "I love VBS.  I want to go."
  • We met everyone at the pool and the kids were excited to be back together and excited to start swimming.  They swam and swam.  A lifegaurd was watching Graham dive and belly flop and then swim to Robby today and the lifegaurd said "he is a good swimmer."  I took that as a pretty good compliment since he has only been swimming for a few weeks.  
  • Now Campbell still scares the day lights out of me.  When her floatees are off she tries to do everything anyone else can do.  At one point we were in the pool with her and I could not find her.  We were standing in the middle and I asked Robby in my panicked voice "where's Campbell?"  He thought I was kidding since Campbell was hanging on to my arm.  It was hard to tell who was who with Campbell hanging on to my arm, my other arm holding on to Keaton's float and Anderson holding on to my back. 
  • Back at home, everyone watched a movie while Whitman watched us put together new drawers from IKEA.  Nonna and Pops had picked them up for us.  Now to fill them up-won't be a problem.  They are going to go in our closet since I need a bit more space for our stuff since Keaton and Whitman's clothes are in our closet and because I want to have more of the kids clothes downstairs.  Campbell helped us some and she spent some time using the drill-it is just a roll reversal day.  Anderson used the sewing machine and Campbell used the drill.  
  • Supper was next and then the kids all played ipads, phones or the game phone for a bit before bedtime.  This was a big treat for them since they haven't all gotten to do something at the same time for awhile.  
  • When we tucked everyone in bed tonight, Anderson peeked out of his bunk wearing Reagan's pink eye mask.  He acted like it was no big deal-these kids crack me up!
  • pink eye mask