July 21, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
Celebrating a few days early at Nonna's!

  • For some reason this morning we were ready early and then the next thing I knew we were running a bit late.  That might be because the kids saw some bunnies in the front yard so they all headed out for an early morning bunny chase (leaving the front door open all morning-whoops).  And then as we were leaving they found a turtle and begged to keep it.  Since we let the last one fry, we didn't let them keep this one.  I guess this most have been animal day at our house because we twice when coming home we saw deer in the backyard grazing.
  • The kids did fine in church and Robby said today that he is a bit disappointed that Campbell will not be joining us in church next year.  She will still be in worship care and if we took her to church with us she would miss Sunday school so that isn't an option.  My sweet Campbell has become a handful lately so I am not really sure if I am disappointed that she won't be going to big church with us.
  • After church Reagan went home with Kennedy to play this afternoon and the rest of us went to Nonna's house for lunch.  Poor Keaton had to ride home in just her diaper from church because she got her dress poopy.  That dress was stinky enough that it was put right into Nonna's washing machine.
  • Nonna had made a big doughnut cake to celebrate Graham's 5th birthday.  He was so proud of his cake and was pretty determined that he could eat it all himself.  Everyone else was glad that Nonna had made cupcakes as well-but Graham did share with us all.
  • Back at home, Keaton had a nap, the boys watched a movie, Campbell fell asleep watching the movie, Whitman slept with me and Robby watched tv and then had a nap.  Pretty normal Sunday afternoon which I loved.
  • We all went to pick up Reagan and met her at the snow cone place.  So Jodee and Kennedy enjoyed a snow cone with us.  The kids were wound up and pretty nuts.  But we survived and on the way home we even drove around for a bit.
  • Once at home, the kids had a bit of supper and then it was bedtime.  Campbell though was tickled to try on her coat that she made in Sunday school.  Then everyone went to bed but Whitman, as usual, is staying up with us drinking bottle after bottle.  Though he has been intently watching the news-he may be a new junkie like his Daddy.
  • So tomorrow we are going to start school with a second grader (Reagan), first grader (Anderson), kindergartner (Graham) and a preschooler who will also be going to preschool 2 days a week at church (Campbell).  We are starting a bit early since we have a few upcoming trips and I wanted to be ahead of the game.  The plan is for us to do our school in the morning and then have plenty of outside and pool time in the afternoons.  
  • Tonight I took pictures of what I have for Reagan to do tomorrow.  I will try to take pictures of all of their boxes this week.  But first here is Reagan's for tomorrow: 1. Explode the Code phonics 2. Math U See Beta 3. First Language Lessons 2 (English) 4. All About Spelling 3 5. Read a book to her sister 6. Reading from a few required books (notice her cool bookmark) 7. All about me book 8. Handwriting without tears book 3 9. Essentials in Writing (something new for us this year) 10. Make a card for Alyssa Kate and the bonus/optional activity of the day is a skittles graph and worksheet that will include a bowlful of skittles (wonder if anyone will pass that up!)  Wish us luck!