July 17, 2013

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Blue-eyed Dennies!

  • No one was up this morning when Robby and I stirred.  Soon though Graham came in-he didn't say anything but just stood in the bathroom until I acknowledged him.  Reagan brought her blanket down, Campbell climbed in my bed and Anderson just laid in the floor.  Those poor kids are still pretty tired!
  • Robby left first and that is about when I decided that we didn't have time for breakfast.  I did have to make Graham a quick breakfast for him to eat in the car but everyone e
    A Visit to the Nutrition Study Center!
    lse ate at Nonna's house.  As I was leaving, I heard Anderson tell Nonna that he wanted homemade biscuits.  I tried to tell him that homemade biscuits were probably not an option.  I was also quite surprised that Anderson would think to ask for biscuits-we never eat biscuits around here.  I did find out that he heard Pops mention biscuits and Nonna already had some prepared. 
  • Graham and I headed off to the Nutrition Center for his 5 year appointment.  On the way he said "I don't like going to the city."  Ha!  He said this way before we even had to fight the crazy lane changes of the construction on 630. 
  • Once we made it to the Nutrition Center, I didn't think that Graham was going to talk at all. He really didn't say anything until a direct question was asked to him during his psych eval.  Even after that he was still a man of few words today.  
  • He did perfect during his psych testing and I don't think that he even got as tired as Anderson did during his last time.  By the end they were asking questions like "what is an instrument for determining directions, as by means of a freely rotating magnetized needle?"  They weren't quite that advanced but they were pretty tough.  On some of the hard ones he would say that he didn't know and then as she was reading the next question he would come up with the answer from the last one.
  • The did the bone scan and then we had lunch-a big lunch.  I had a turkey sandwich, chips, cookies and drink.  Graham's lunch had grapes, turkey sandwich, goldfish, juice, chocolate milk and fig newtons.  Neither one of us finished our lunch-mainly because we were so busy playing in the play room.  Graham had me make an obstacle course with all of the big squishy blocks and he ran it a few times.
  • One thing they did want Graham to do today was a urine collection.  That child was NOT going to do that at all.  Of course he didn't really understand that they were just asking him to pee in a bowl.  Finally I told him we were going to get that over with before he burst with not going to the potty all day.  He kept asking me as he was peeing why they wanted to save his pee.  I kept telling him that I had no idea!
  • Graham did extremely well during the entire visit-even during brain lab which lasts forever and forever.  He was all grins when we were climbing in the car and was ready to get to Nonna's house.  Nonna was also ready for us to get there....
  • When we were almost to her house, my phone rang.  It was Nonna-I thought that was a bit odd and briefly thought I that I had sent her enough for 6 bottles for Whitman and surely that would be enough.  Her voice sounds calm but a bit panicked.  Keaton had locked herself into the toy room.  I told Nonna that I was almost there and talked her out of calling the fire department!
  • When we drove up, I briefed Graham on what was going on and saw Reagan outside the window trying to talk to Keaton.  I went inside while checking the tops of the doorways for keys.  I know we had keys up there growing up.  Keaton wasn't fussing though she was a bit ticked that we weren't opening the door for her.  I tried a nail file and reviewed possibilities-one of which included going to my house to get a key.  Then I saw that I could take the door knob off so that is just what we did.  When I opened the door, Keaton was happily playing with her baby doll.  That event probably shortened poor Nonna's lifespan by a few years!  
  • Once we made it home, I started my first of many tasks to prepare for our big trip-getting Keaton to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag.  So this afternoon, I laid out a towel on the floor in the bedroom, put a pillow down and she laid right down.  I covered her up, handed her milk and her baby and never heard a peep from her.  She slept well over her normal 2 hour nap.  Robby had laughed thinking that this was impossible-I proved him wrong!
  • During her nap, my assistant, Campbell, helped me make supper.  She talked the entire time -most of the time she was asking questions.  I am beginning to wonder if 3 is too young to make supper for your family.  She will probably be the only one who cares about cooking-Reagan is too busy watching movies to learn.  And the boys-well, Anderson would just be happy with milk for supper and Graham would be happy with candy for supper every night.
  • Before Robby came home, the kids played outside for a bit while I worked on putting a chair together.  Neighbor man even came over to check on my chair putting together progress.  My assistant was slowing me down some but we got it done!  
  • We had supper and then we even had ice cream truck since we missed on Sunday.  The kids played spy and even picked out their kindle covers before bedtime.