July 30, 2013

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All tuckered out...

  • I had set my alarm this morning in the hopes that I would wake up before the kids but that phone is so easy to quickly turn off.  I did however still drag myself to the shower before anyone came downstairs.  Reagan must be my only true child because I had to wake her up for breakfast-I think she might could sleep all day long.
  • Soon we started school and things went surprisingly well today.  Graham still has a hard time if he has to wait on me but after a bit of fussing, he calmed down and pressed on.  Also his phonics bumped it up a level today.  He was given 2 sentences and had to x the sentence that matched the picture (like A rat sat on a mat or a A cat sat on a mat.)  This just blew his mind and he was pretty convinced he couldn't do it.  I remember Anderson was the same way and now his sentences are long and complex but he gets it done.  
  • Reagan enjoyed typing so much during school that she even asked to do some later during Keaton's nap time.  We have new headphones to use with our school room computer and the kids were so happy to have their turn on the computer.  
  • We had our lunch and then re built some of Graham's new legos so we could move them out of the living room and up to the toy room.  We all worked on those for way too long since I knew that after 24 hours in the toy room they will be deconstructed yet again.  
  • When Keaton had her nap the rest of us read some science.  The kids had to draw the parts of a cell-cell membrane, nucleus, ribosomes, golgi bodies, mitochondria and a few more.  It really brought back memories to high school or probably college science.  I am not sure how much of this the kids will remember but hopefully hearing all of these words will help them be more familiar later down the road.  
  • The kids watched a movie while I worked and soon they all headed upstairs to get money for the offering at VBS.  This is when Campbell decided that she was definitely going to go to VBS.  She was so excited and told me that she wasn't going to eat supper tonight so she could eat there (they had some sort of hot dogs there last night-mini pizzas, watermelons and grapes tonight).  
  • We had supper and then walked down the road to drop off 4 big kids.  Seriously, I don't have any clue about when Robby and I have been at home just by ourselves-well, we did have 2 kids with us but 2 doesn't really could anymore.  They said that Campbell smiled the entire time.  And one lady said that Reagan was the best child there and just sang the songs.  Yep, my kids rock!  And I made sure that Anderson obeyed by asking Reagan.  And my Graham is a perfect rule follower when not at home.  
  • I am sure that the whole VBS thing is completely different at this little church.  They had 24 kids for VBS (Dennies were 16 percent of the total!)  A few weeks ago at our VBS we had nearly 100 4 year olds.  I am not used to small church life which was apparent when I looked at Robby all confused after hearing the Sunday School bell calling the kids to the sanctuary.  I thought it was a door chime.  Ha!  Robby fondly remembers going to VBS at his grandparents church back in the day and hopes the kids have some of those same small church memories.
  • They all had fun and when we left, we walked across the street and talked to the firemen who were testing their hoses in the school parking lot.  Pretty good evening if you ask me!
  • And we now have our first tooth just a few days before Whitman is 4 months old.  I think his other bottom tooth should be in a just a few days.  Campbell was the one to discover that his tooth was in (don't ask me why her hand was in his mouth) and then all of the kids felt his little tooth-we don't believe in germs.