July 4, 2013-Independence Day!

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Happy 4th of July!

  • Whitman had to have a snack in the middle of the night-Robby was the one who woke up for that.  But I was the one awake when the kids started trickling into our room after 8.  Yes, after 8-they must have known it was a holiday!  Campbell's first words were "where is Daddy?" and Graham asked "has Daddy already left?"  Each time I had to tell them that he was on the other side of me in the bed.
  • Robby passed out pop tarts for breakfast and I had my shower-this was after ipad turns for everyone.  I did a few loads of laundry while Robby cleaned the floors of the house.  We left later than we had planned but made it to the pool after 11.  
  • We didn't know that Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Lilly and Cash would all be there at the same time but we all arrived at about the same time.  The cousins all enjoyed swimming together with Reagan swimming laps trying to keep up with Lilly.  The boys loved diving in the 3 foot part to find a rocket.  Keaton is happy if she has a bucket or a shovel to play with and Campbell enjoys doing pretty much everything with anyone that will play with her.  Oh and Whitman, he just likes hanging out in the shade.  
  • The pool had hot dogs around 1.  Our plan was to leave before that started but since we had a late start, we were still there and enjoyed lunch.  After a bit more swimming, we loaded up and headed home.
  • Once home the kids had quick showers and everyone vegged out for awhile until it was time to load up again.  Before we left, the kids had one thing they had to do today-say 2 Chronicles 7:14.  I had written it on the chalkboard and told them that if they memorized it they would earn a 4th of July surprise-the surprise is coming tomorrow.  And no, it is not a toy (that is what Anderson thought-seriously, he thought I would buy him a toy?)
  • This time the party was just down the road at the Wilson's house.  We took flag cupcakes, sausage, cheese and crackers.   Everyone ate and then the most exciting part of the day....a slip n slide was pulled out!!
  • Graham was a slip n slide pro and could slide like the rest of them.  Reagan was pretty good at it.  Anderson cared more about shooting water guns than sliding.  And poor Keaton and Campbell would qualify for the special olympics of slip n sliding.  Campbell would run and end up on her bottom or slide way too early.  And Keaton would run behind Reagan, stare down the man holding water hose until he turned it away from her and then she would sit down.  It was so precious-then the best big sister, Reagan, would grab her hand and take her back to the end of the line to do it all again.
  • The kids changed back into their clothes and played a game of volleyball while waiting on the next big event-sparklers.  The big 4 enjoyed the sparklers though they had a healthy fear of them.  Next up was fireworks-Keaton sat in my lap with Graham and Campbell in lawn chairs nearby.  Reagan sat in the swings and Whitman hung out in Alicia's lap.  
  • The fireworks were not too loud and Graham was fine.  He eventually even wondered off to the playset to watch them.  Campbell would talk about them being loud and Keaton would look at my face to see if she should be worried and then she would clap her hands.  We were quite aways away from the shooter folks and I enjoyed watching their silhouettes run away from the fireworks after they were lit.  Everyone survived with all of their eyeballs and fingers so it was a successful night.
  • It was after 10 when we came home but because of the slip n slide the kids still had grass all over their bodies.  So we quickly hosed everyone off in the short shower and then ushered them all to bed.  It was a pretty great 4th of July.