July 29, 2013-Happy Birthday Graham!

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Family Photo

  • We made it through the night with no sick Dennies having to sleep in our room.  Though Campbell almost made it: she had fever and kept telling me that she didn't feel good and would need to sleep in my room.  We didn't let her but tonight when she told me she might sleep in my room tonight, I felt her forehead and she was again hot.  
  • Since today was Graham's actual birthday, we had our leftover doughnuts for breakfast.  And then I was going to be the cool mom and let us skip school.  But I was going to make them at least go into the school room before I told them.  Anderson though told me he wasn't going to and wouldn't leave the hallway.  This didn't fly with me so I quickly grabbed my phone and started checking my email.  He thought I was texting his Daddy and he was at his desk with his papers out in a flash.  
  • So after all of that, I had to make them do a bit of work.  I whispered to Graham that if he did some of his boxes then maybe we could cancel school.  He was all for that and after a bit we did call it quits for the day.  
  • We did read some of a few books, played Graham's new game and they all played legos until it was time to get ready to meet Robby.  For Graham's birthday, we ate lunch at All Aboard. The kids were so excited to see the train come and deliver their food and since the place was pretty crowded we were able to see the train come and go many times.  
  • Next up was meeting Grannymom, Josh and Zach at the pool.  Because of all of the rain, the water was a bit cold so I never got in.  I did forget the bag of floaties and goggles which the kids were not too happy about.  Most everyone was able to find goggles to borrow while we were there but Campbell was still without floaties.  She didn't get in until the end and would go down the slide and Josh would catch her.  Keaton even got in on the action and went down the slide one time.  Josh was good to catch the girls but I did stand by at the ready just in case!  
  • Of course, when the Dennies come to the pool, the thunder and rain comes as well.  It did eventually thunder but that was right before an adult swim so we stayed while everyone else left.  This did mean that the last hour we were at the pool, it was just Dennies and 2 other folks.  Pretty nice. 
  • Back at home, Keaton finished her nap from the car, the others showered and Whitman had a bottle (as usual).  The kids had a bite of supper and then when Robby came home, we all ventured outside for a family photo.
  • Then the highlight of Reagan's day was walking down the road to VBS.  She has been so looking forward to this.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to VBS and they really enjoyed it.  We didn't think Campbell would have been old enough so we had prepared her that just the others were going and she was going to get to ride on the tractor with Robby.  So there was no convincing her to go today-maybe tomorrow though-but probably not.  Anderson had said from the beginning that he was just going to try the VBS out and see if he liked it.  Today he said that "it was fun and I'll be going back."  Robby told him that he would need him to pick up sticks tomorrow night and Anderson did not find this teasing funny at all.
  • Campbell and Keaton helped Robby mow some and even had a popsicle and bubble bath before picking up the others.  And once they made it home, we celebrated Graham's birthday one more time with some ice cream before bed!