July 8, 2013

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Flour game or experiment?

  • Somehow even though all 8 kids in this house went to bed late, they started waking up early-all too early.  Whitman woke up around 5 to eat and then he went back to sleep.  And the boys were running around upstairs a bit after 6.  Reagan came down to tell us that they were waking them up-they were waking me up too!
  • Anderson sadly told Cash this morning that this was cereal and fruit day on the breakfast menu.  He said it so apologetically, like "sorry my Mom has this silly breakfast menu that we humor her and follow and today's breakfast sucks."  That isn't exactly what the child said but that is what he meant.
  • So we pulled out the poptarts and dug in.  Lilly and Cash meshed quite well with the gang and before I knew it everyone was playing happily.  I did laundry before we all headed outside.  I let the kids play as long as they wanted inside before moving outside.  They made a huge fort in the living room with every blanket that I own-worked for about 30 minutes on it and then played in the forts for about 3 minutes.
  • Outside, the boys rode bikes and everyone played restaurant with the dirt.  I did have one game to pull out which I eventually did.  It is called the flour game-flour packed tightly in a bowl, then flipped over.  On top of the dome of flour I placed a piece of candy.  Then the kids took turns cutting the flour and the person that finally made the candy fall had to put their face in the flour to eat the candy.  Surprisingly, everyone did it at least once-Keaton really wanted to and when we put the candy in the flour for her, she just reached in and picked it up.
  • The kids got hungry before noon, so I brought out a loaf of bread and used it all up.  Soon Robby ran in with lots of food from Sams for our cabin trip.  So we helped him unload all of that and then I had to make a decision....
  • The kids were filthy so my choices were for everyone to take showers or just go to the pool.  I am not sure that picking the pool was much easier but it was a lot more fun.  All the kids helped and before we left the yard and house were picked up.
  • It was hot at the pool and my Whitman took forever to go to sleep.  He did enjoy sitting with me on the edge of the pool in the shade for awhile.  Finally, he did go to sleep and I was able to get in the pool myself and cool off for a bit.  
  • Nonna and Pops came to get Anderson for his turn to spend the night.  He banged his chin really hard and hit his teeth together.  He said his teeth were sore and to me one tooth looked chipped (of course it might not be or he could have done that years ago and I have never noticed)  Pops said they were still sore tonight but better.  Probably Anderson's trip to Chuck E Cheese and then a walk through Toys R Us made him forget about those teeth.  
  • Before 5, Dana came to pick up Lilly and Cash so I was left with 5 kids.  And when Robby got off work, he came by with supper and to swim for a bit.  Reagan spent most of the swim time diving for a dive toy and Graham was a pro at diving off the board.  
  • But my Campbell scared the dickens out of me.  She wears her floatee and can not get it off by herself which is wonderful.  But today when she was in the pool with me and was swimming to me or Robby without her floatee, she has no fear.  A few days ago she would only try to swim from the steps, now she will start swimming to you from anywhere.  She has some odd type swim strokes but she makes it.  I am always so amazed by what that child can do.  
  • Graham and Robby headed to the store to pick up a few things while the girls, Whitman and I headed home for quick showers.  The kids had a bit of ice cream and milk before bed and then bed (and benedryl) for all (kidding about the benedryl part!)