July 7, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)

  • It was a bit after 8, when we woke up this morning.  I had a shower while Robby stared stirring the kids.  Then he got ready while I fed them and finished up loose ends-teeth and hair.  It is pretty amazing that we are able to scramble around here and get out of the house before 9.
  • During Sunday school today, Graham looked at me with a concerned almost panicked look. I went over to him and he said "that are using bad words."  Then I heard it-someone had said peepee or poop.  Gasp!  So thankful that my little guy thinks those are such horrible words!
  • I had worship care today in Keaton's class.  She is the youngest in her class and another teacher said that she could hold her on in there.  I am not sure that was meant to be a compliment.  But while I was in her room, she was the sweetest little thing ever and would just follow me around.  She worked really hard at the shape sorter (she worked hard at it-didn't say she was good at it).  I think I will have to pull our shape sorter out for her.
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house.  The kids even had time to play after lunch.  And as we were loading up, Pops and Anderson went over to Beebee's house to get a box of ice cream treats that Pops had picked up for me.  Anderson was so proud to run this errand and tonight, he was thrilled to tell Cash all about the ice cream that he got from his great grandmother's house.
  • After a good rest for us all, Lilly and Cash arrived.  All the kids immediately started playing outside.  Robby and I worked for a bit outside picking up but soon found ourselves sitting in chairs listening to the kids play and watching the neighbors move their trash around.  (Country living at its best)  Before it started to get dark, everyone came in for showers.  
  • I was the last one to get a shower and washed Whitman with me.  Of course the baby soap wasn't in the shower, so I had to lay the boy on the shower floor and go and get some.  He love being on the floor and I am sure that he will soon be sitting in his seat taking showers with the others.  
  • The kids had pizza for supper and then ice cream.  I just love to see a kitchen full of kids-but man, they all ate and ate and ate.  Robby took out at least 3 bags of trash and boxes from supper tonight! 
  • Tonight all the kids were upstairs playing and it was minutes until bedtime.  We heard Anderson and Graham fighting about a toy so Robby had then come to the kitchen where we were cleaning up.  He told them to sit down until they could come up with an agreement about how they would solve their problem.  At first they would only say things like "you give it to me" or "I had it first."  I gave them a few suggestions-put it up, someone let the other person have it, find something else.  Anderson then told Graham "if you let me have it, then we can both go and play."  Anderson was the one who finally let Graham have the toy and they headed back upstairs.
  • On the way up the stairs, we heard Graham whine so Robby called Anderson down.  Robby asked what he did to Graham and he eventually fessed up.  Anderson said "I pushed him....just a little push though."  
  • After a bit more playtime, we have bedded everyone down-the girls (Reagan, Lilly and Campbell) are sleeping in the toy room and the boys (Anderson, Cash and Graham) are in their bedroom on the floor.  Keaton is in her pack n play in the school room and Whitman is sleeping in the swing in the kitchen (that probably isn't good if he is sleeping now-he is usually awake now!)