July 22, 2013

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First Day of School!

  • It was the first day of school here so we were having breakfast by 7:15 this morning.  I had made muffins last night thinking that the kids would be delighted-they weren't.  Anderson and Graham did eat a few bits of the muffins just to make me happy.  
  • Pretty much as soon as Robby left, we started school.  Our first activity was taking pictures of  our new 2nd grader, 1st grader, kindergartner and pre K3-er. 
  • Our school day was excellent and horrible!  I guess that would average to be an okay school day.  The day started off really great-Graham worked hard, was quiet (ish) and was patient when I needed him to be.  Most of his school work involves him working with me.  He was the first one finished around 9:45.  Campbell also did really well.  She entertained Keaton but Campbell also worked through her 10 boxes that I had set up for her to do.  She has seen the other kids do their boxes and she diligently finished hers.  I was really proud of her but then when she was finished and Graham was finished, things just went downhill quickly.
  • Graham won't go upstairs by himself and had nothing really to do downstairs so he just caused trouble.  Campbell likes trouble so she became his sidekick and in about 2 minutes the day went from smooth to a disaster.  I did my best to keep Reagan and Anderson focused and they eventually finished their work.  
  • We then all sat down to read history, science, do some geography and our memory work.  By now Graham was back to his happy self and Campbell had teamed with Keaton to cause a commotion.  Unlike Graham's behavior/boredom when he finished school, I can solve Keaton causing a problem during our reading because we can do our reading when she is napping.  Not sure what I will do when Graham finishes early (as he usually will).  Robby suggested that I let him play the ipad for a bit so we will try that tomorrow.
  • One other thing about school-even though the day was nuts, I couldn't be more proud of the kids.  Graham shocked me with how well he did during school, Campbell's behavior was excellent and Keaton was fairly calm and quiet.  But Anderson and Reagan got right back in the swing of things and never complained a bit.  Poor Reagan even started borrowing today in math-what a horrible thing to have to learn on the first day back to school.
  • We had lunch-macaroni which Anderson gobbled up.  My Anderson is the only one who can really tell when I am about to loose it and after this morning I was on the verge.  So I am not sure if he gobbled up my macaroni just for my benefit or because it was really good (even though I burnt it last night-how can you burn macaroni?)
  • After lunch, we picked up a bit and then it was nap time for Keaton, movie time for the others and time for Campbell to help me.  I had about an hour and a half and was able to read Campbell a story, restock drawers for tomorrow's school, file their completed papers (3 is a lot more paper work than just 2 kids in school), lightly clean the kitchen, sweep, organize the candy drawer (sometimes I get really focused on doing something that isn't that big of a deal like that), loaded up the car for swimming and cut out some coupons.  Not too bad and it made me feel good that I can still get most of my housework accomplished during school.  I know our summer break was short but I have gotten all out of the school routine so it will take some getting used to.
  • Around 3:30, I started having the kids change to their swimsuits and load up.  To celebrate our first day of school, we went swimming.  Well, we actually didn't do that much swimming.  When we climbed out of the van we first saw that no one was in the pool and then we heard the thunder.  The sky looked a bit cloudy so not bad so we went on to the pool area.  We waited and waited and waited and we ate and ate and ate and waited some more.
  • We waited an hour and half-it would thunder and then stop and then thunder some more.  Robby eventually came with supper and we (the only people at the pool) had supper and then the kids all laid out on the chairs.  We were surprised when the lifeguards came out and gave us the thumbs up.  The kids dove in and Robby put on his suit and also dove in.  After about 10 minutes, I was about to step in the water and the whistle blew-thunder.  
  • Our plan was the wait the 15 minutes out but the sky quickly grew dark and then there was lightening.  So we started to pack up our gear.  By the time that we finished, the bottom fell out-I am sure the lifeguards were entertained by us running around trying to stay dry even though we were wet from the pool.  
  • I tried to tell the kids that this was what memories were made of.  They took it all pretty well.  Back at home, we all had ice cream on the patio and then showers for all.  The kids were excited to show Robby our "rock chart" where they can earn rocks for doing extra school work (ha, I'm sneaky!)  
  • Then it was bedtime for all.  We tried to put Keaton to bed in the kids room since she naps in there and has been even sleeping on a towel in the floor during naps (trip practice).  She did pretty well after Robby came to talk to her.  The monitor became silent and it sounded like everyone was asleep.  Soon though we heard feet coming down the stairs.  It was Reagan asking us to come and get Keaton because she couldn't go to sleep.  I ventured up the steps and when I peeked my head in, Keaton looked at me, waved her arm and said "night, night." For Reagan's sake, I went ahead a put Keaton back into her own bed downstairs.  
  • Oh, yes, I took pictures of Anderson's boxes tonight and here is what he has for tomorrow: 1. First Language Lessons 1  (english) 2. All About Spelling 2 3. President's song part of our memory work for the year 4. more pages of their All About Me book 5. Part of a second grade workbook 6. Math U See Alpha 7. First grade required reading 8. Explode the Code phonics 9. Typing on the computer 10. Read to a sister and the bonus box of Handwriting Without Tears book 2.