July 3, 2013

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The Girls!

  • Robby was the first one up and I quickly followed him.  Robby headed on to work and I had one goal this morning-to get all 7 kids (Kennedy had spent the night with us) fed, clothed and out the door by 8ish.  We made it and were in the car by a bit after 8.  I could have curled up and taken a nap then but we pressed on to see Beebee.
  • We weren't able to stay too long with Beebee since Kennedy wasn't feeling good.  But we did stay long enough for the kids to get their candy and money.  I tried to explain to her that it wasn't even 9 yet and they didn't need candy but she insisted.  
  • After dropping Kennedy off, we went to Grannymom's house to tidy up the van really quick and even picked up Grannymom before heading to the pool.  The water was ice cold today-cold enough that Reagan climbed out once to sit in the sun and warm up.  I usually do not get in when the water is cold but did to help the boys practice swimming and they did pretty good.  Now Campbell has no fear and continuously swam to me.  Reagan also jumped off the diving board a few times.  We had crackers and grapes when it was adult swim and then a drink when we loaded up the car. 
  • Grannymom sat in the car with the kids while I ran into Sams to pick up cupcakes for tomorrow.  The store was nut-zo!  And I was glad that Robby was the one doing the grocery shopping later today.  
  • When we made it home, 4 of the kids were asleep.  And I am just realizing why my back is a teensy bit sore.  Imagine hauling Campbell out of her car seat, up to the door and then down out of the van and into the house-not just Campbell but also Keaton and Whitman in  his car seat.  Graham was asleep as well but I just shook him until he woke up.
  • Campbell and Keaton continued their naps while the rest of us watched a movie and had a snack.  Soon everyone was awake and we headed outside.  I thought I was just going to check the mail but 4 hours later we came inside after a soccer game, unloading a car full of groceries, popsicles, watching Robby mow a bit, a basketball game, butterfly catching, bike riding and scooter riding.  Sometimes I wonder why my kids are so tired at bedtime-that is why!
  • Showers and then supper-I started everyone with half of a hamburger, then Graham wanted another half, then he wanted a sandwich.  I gave him a half but then he asked for another half of a sandwich.  Soon Anderson was asking for a sandwich along with Reagan and Campbell.  I know why the kids are tired but I sure don't know why they are eating so much-what am I going to do when they are teenagers?
  • We put Keaton to bed first and then watched our baking show.  After watching that it was bedtime for my crew!