July 31, 2013

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Bedtime drink...

  • Last night around 1 (when we had just gotten to sleep), Graham started screaming out.  I went up there and it took forever to calm him down.  We couldn't tell if he was having a bad dream or if maybe his ears were bothering him.  He has the cold that the kids have been passing around and he is the one that has a good cough and has complained of her ears hurting.  So we brought him downstairs to sleep in our room.
  • I had to go to the bathroom twice during the night and then pretty early in the morning our lights blinked long enough for us to wake up to turn off the monitor that was beeping.  And later Campbell woke up with the clock upstairs blinking which set her off so I hurried upstairs to calm her down and fix the clock (I just made it stop blinking so the time was wrong and Anderson said that he didn't know when he was supposed to wake up this morning!)
  • Robby took Keaton and Campbell to Nonna's house this morning to help a bit with school.  I think they had a fun time.  They worked puzzles, did hair, colored and had a big time.  Just a few miles away, we were not having a fun time.  Graham didn't have a good school day at all.  It was pretty much horrible and that doesn't even accurately describe the morning.  He decided that he couldn't do things that he did yesterday or wasn't even able to the same math that he did yesterday.  That child screamed, fussed, threw things, hit his bedroom window and even yelled over and over "I want to play the ipad."  I stayed eerily calm through it all but I can make no promises if the same thing happens tomorrow.  
  • Eventually, Anderson and Reagan finished (Graham did not finish his school today) and we went to eat lunch at Nonna's house.  Keaton, Campbell and Nonna were waiting on us outside.  The kids were delighted with all of the cookie selection that Pops had bought for them-I was too!  
  • After playing for a few minutes, everyone loaded up and we went to see Beebee.  When Keaton walked into Beebee's room, she went right over to where Beebee keeps her candy and tried to reach it.  The kids filled their bellies with candy and hopefully brightened Beebee's day.  Pops came as we were getting ready to leave and then he walked us out.  
  • On the way home, I decided to call to see if I could get Graham a doctor's appointment to just check on his ears.  They asked when I could get there and I said that we were in the car, she asked if I could come in 40 minutes-that was perfect since it gave us enough time to stop at Sonic.  
  • The kids were perfect at the doctor and we were back in the car in less than 30 minutes.  Graham doesn't have an ear infection but the doctor did give us a few samples of medicine.  By the time we made it home, it was after 4. 
  • I unloaded the car and since I parked by my mailbox it took me forever-about 5 trips from the car and back carrying in our bags and sleeping kids.  Why did I park at the mailbox?  Because I am tacky and the church van that comes and picks up neighbor kids drives through my driveway and I just don't like that!  Please send your contributions to the Dennie Gate Fund to PO Box 3423 (kidding, that isn't a real address but if you want to send a check I can get it to you!)
  • As soon as Graham climbed out of the car, he started screaming that his ears hurt.  By the time I had unloaded everyone and everything he had finally calmed down and was playing legos.  I tried to pick up a few things and heated up supper before Robby made it home. 
  • Then it was time for the third night of VBS.  Tonight Robby sent the boys with 10 dollar bills so they could catch up on the offering and they were so happy (Reagan wasn't too pleased-she will get hers tomorrow).  
  • Meanwhile, the rest of us went to eat-Chuys was too packed to even find a parking spot, Local Lime wait was an hour so that left us at Big Orange.  Food was fine but Keaton was perfect-she likes all of the attention!  Then a quick grocery store run for some milk-I was out today and a revolt almost happened!
  • We picked up the kids and I went with Keaton to their rally at the end (I did last night too).  I liked seeing what all was happening and watching my kids when they didn't know I was watching them (though how could they not know I was in the tiny sanctuary with them?)
  • Back at home, everyone had baths and then it was bedtime.  Since I was up 5 times last night from 12 to 7, I am hoping for a bit more rest for all of us tonight!