July 27, 2013-Happy Birthday Graham!

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Celebrating Graham's 5th Birthday!

  • Robby woke me up at 3:30 to tell me that it was raining and when Campbell (who slept in our room since she had fever) woke me up at 6:15 to tell me she was going to the bathroom and the patio was still wet, I knew that the party was going to be moved inside.  It was just too wet to eat outside and too wet to crawl around doing an obstacle course.
  • This did change our plans a bit so we ran around like crazy this morning but getting things ready for a party in the house was probably easier than getting ready for a party outside.  But I still had a little obstacle course to put together in the garage.  Robby cleaned the garage and soon we had the obstacle course up and running.
  • Meanwhile the kids watched a few movies, put on their clothes...oh, let us talk about that for a minute.  Last night I wanted Reagan to wear something a bit nicer than her favorite shirt that she made at VBS.  We went round and round about what she would wear and I only half won but did let it go.  So today she was shocked when I let her wear that tshirt-but after the wash, she won't see it for awhile.  It needs a break (and yes, I know some of my clothes need a break too but she has plenty of clothes that she can fit into and I do not!)
  • Soon the house was ready, the kids were ready, Robby and I were ready and Graham's 5th birthday party began!  All that family was here plus quite a few kids-Lilly, Cash, Gage, Jacob, Ethan, Hayley, Harrison plus our own Reagan, Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.  
  • The first activity an obstacle course.  The kids had to weave in and out between some boots, shoot a bad guy with a nerf gun, pull a wagon with the birthday boy on it, climbed over a table, shoot another nerf gun, jump over some things, spin on the sit and spin, walk a balance beam, crawl through a tunnel, climb over a few stools and then shimmie under some chairs.  It took about 30 minutes to throw together but the kids seemed to really enjoy it.  
  • Next up was lunch-torpedo corn dogs, cannon cheese balls, walkie talkie juice boxes and other food that I couldn't think of a fancy names for: cheese dip, chips, cheese cubes and pretzels.  Then the kids watched Graham open his presents and he racked up.  The boys opened legos, legos and more legos, along with blocks (that I have even played with by myself), a truck and trailer, a game, lego watch, sticker book and a few other things.  He was pretty pleased with all of his loot and has spent most of the day watching and helping Anderson put together a few of the lego boxes and opening stuff up.
  • Then we sang Happy Birthday to Graham and had some awesome camouflaged cupcakes (made by me-seriously, they were cute but they were a booger to make!)  And finally, we went outside for the Dennie tradition of a pinata.  Graham went first and then youngest to oldest.  And by the time Anderson was up, he whacked the side off of the pinata and candy flew everywhere.  Lilly and Reagan were the only ones who didn't get a turn but they were tickled to find some candy.  Army men and candy filled the driveway and then soon filled the hands of all of the kids (except the girls-they didn't seem to get any army men!)
  • Soon all of our guests left and Reagan left with Lilly since Lilly's birthday party is tonight (skating, snow cones and a slumber party).  Cash stayed with us and helped Graham open some of his presents along with Jason who manned the kids while Robby and I picked up the house.
  • After we had the house clean, we loaded up and went to the pool.  Reagan, Lilly, Grannymom and Dana were already there.  So the kids all swam together and after a few hours, the kids were tired of the water.  They weren't really tired but they had moved on to playing volleyball at the edge of the pool.  
  • At home, we all had showers and then leftovers for supper.  Next up was some lego and then tower building followed by some sitting outside time.  Then it was bedtime for all the kids and cookie time for us (this birthday party stuff is pretty hard!)
  • Dennie kids sickness update-Reagan: healthy, Whitman: healthy, Anderson: almost over his cough, Campbell: last fever during Graham's party but not feeling great yet, Keaton: pretty bad cough, Graham: cough and puny (sleeping our room tonight).  With this report, I think my kids will be missing church (Reagan will be with Lilly at her church though).