July 13, 2013: Dennie Family Reunion Day 3

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I believe that Campbell was the first one stirring this morning.  She was
Ultimate Frisbee Match
ready to talk this morning so after a bit of early morning talking, we headed down for breakfast.  The breakfast casserole was cooking so everyone sat around for a few minutes before eating.  Most of my kids really liked the sausage and egg casserole so I may have to cook it at home.  Soon everyone was stirring around and heading out the door.
Everyone but my crew and Grandpa went floating.  We opted for Mountain View and the Ozark Folk Center.  Yesterday, Dana tried to get out of this place that we are staying and was not able to.  Her car kept sliding backwards on the rocks and steep hill.  Robby wasn’t too concerned since if all of these church vans and buses can make it up the hill, then so could our van with our V10 and towing package. 
By the time we left this morning, the church groups that had filled this place yesterday were on their way out.  And I guess the hill is really a problem because they had folks with walkie talkies as each end giving cars the go ahead before they headed up.  So we had to wait a few minutes for all of the vans to get up the hill before us (they probably just thought we were part of the same group!)  Thankfully, we didn’t have a bit of problem going up the hill.
The GPS took us one way to Mountain View even though the signs pointed another way.  I am sure that both ways were equally scenic but our way was pretty curvy.  It still took us less than 45 minutes to get there so that was really good. 
Our first stop was the folk center and it was a pretty good stop.  We have been to better reenactment places (including the Historic Arkansas Museum at home).  This one seemed a bit dated but they are doing construction on it so maybe that will change.
They had various little buildings to enter to learn about different crafts and we pretty much hit them all.  There was the gun maker who gave us a great spiel about how they shot a gun and even made it flash.  After writing that about the gun, I realize that I don’t even know what kind of gun it was or really do I know what he made it do-there was smoke and a flash.  My kiddos stood perfectly still including Keaton while listening to this man talk.
They had a one room school house, a leather making place and a candle maker.  At the artist place, some of the kids colored on a piece of paper.  The blacksmith tied a knot in a piece of metal which was cool-he also said that he had made his own prosthesis leg which was pretty cool.  The soap making lady showed the kids how to tie up soap in a washcloth so it looks like a bunny.  And my favorite was the doll maker.  She demonstrated how to make a doll out of corn husk (someone same some corn husk for me).  It was a little flat doll that could be used for a bookmark.  And since school is starting soon, Robby asked Reagan if she wanted one.  She didn’t at first but then changed her mind and picked one out. 
The big 3 went to a little kid place and made a pinch pot out of clay.  They had fun doing this while Whitman had some milk and Keaton and Campbell watched the fish.  Then we climbed the hill and listened to some live folk music.  It was pretty nice and all until Keaton fell.  I was wearing Whitman so wasn’t much help.  I quickly moved her to Robby so he could take her soon to be screams away from the music.  As he turned the corner with her, I saw the blood gushing out of her mouth and grabbed the wipes and followed him.  The poor thing had busted her lip pretty good but after a bit of ice she was fine.  Though all day long, she has been touching it and licking her little lips.  It must have hurt pretty badly.
But on our way out of the folk center, Robby bought the kids all a peppermint stick so that made Keaton forget about her fall.  And the next stop really made her forget about her fall-ice cream at the town square.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham all had mint chocolate chip, Campbell had chocolate, Keaton had cake batter and Grandpa had strawberry.  Campbell had on a white shirt and I tried my hardest to keep that shirt clean-she had napkins tucked in her shirt, sitting in our lap, napkins on the table and napkins in her hands and still she was a mess when she was finished-I guess that is a sign of good ice cream.
Afterwards we headed back to the cabin.  The canoe-ing crew beat us by a few minutes but they were still sitting down eating lunch when we arrived.  After lunch, the kids took a walk-Donna took Lilly, Cash and Zach, Grannymom took Keaton, Campbell, Graham, Reagan and Anderson, Dana walked to find the others and never did and Shelley set off for a hike on her own.  She made it a bit down the trail and then decided she didn’t like being all alone in the woods (very good decision) and turned back. 
Everyone being gone for a few minutes, allowed Robby and I to catch up on some laundry and to start a bit on supper.  Tonight was our night to cook.  And we had to start a bit early because the meat was frozen-somehow one of the fridges got bumped and was turned to cold cold and everything froze.  When the crew, returned it was already nearing 4 and we tried to put Keaton down for a nap.
She must have heard the others putting on their bathing suits because she was ready to “wake up” and she let most of the house know about it.  So we got her up and headed down to the creek for a bit more swimming and water gun fights this time.  The kids enjoyed the water guns but they were just as happy looking for fish and skipping rocks.  It was a bit cloudy by this time and Dana took one for the team getting in the water to entertain the kiddos. 
Soon, everyone was migrating back inside and getting ready for supper.  We had bbq, baked beans and French fries.  We would have had potato salad had it not been frozen.  And then for dessert we had coca cola cake.  The cake was pretty much finished off by the time that we started shoving dished in the dishwasher. 
I knew the group was outside playing something but worked in a the kitchen for a bit.  Then I went outside and sat with Keaton taking pictures of all of the action.  Soon I was playing in the ultimate Frisbee game that was going on.  I believe that we are going to have to have a Dennie family rematch because the teams just weren’t too fair.  The losing team was Dana, Josh, Anderson, Cash and me (only at the end).  Even though we had the most grownups we still were put to shame.  Shelley and Jenna are pretty ferocious! 
After the game, we were all hot and sweaty.  Some had watermelon and others grabbed something to drink.  When we arrived at the cabin, we were the last ones here and had to make room to put all of our drinks in the fridge.  Seriously, we all had the fridge completely stocked with drinks but we are not down to the bare minimum as far as beverages are concerned.  No need to worry though, we kept some back up in the car.

The kids played for a bit-some inside and some outside.  Graham showed out tonight and was put to bed early.   Campbell was not too far behind him.  She kept saying “but I made good choices” which she did but she was tired and needed to come to bed.  Anderson and Reagan stayed up the longest and eventually went to bed after Whitman finally went to sleep.  I am probably the only one up in the house right now and am debating going to check on and fold my laundry or just going to sleep and doing the laundry in the morning.  Hmm, decisions, decisions.