July 26, 2013

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Sittin' Pretty!

  • Campbell and Anderson were laying in our bed this morning when Campbell sat up and started shouting "deer, deer, I see a deer."  Anderson and her shot out of bed to run to the window as Robby and I just rolled over.  There were 2 deer out there-one big and one little.  Late last night Robby and I stood at the window watching a skunk walk around the yard.  I had actually never seen a live skunk before.
  • I let the kids watch some tv early this morning while I ran around picking up.  Then we ha breakfast and soon I started to pull at school for next week.  This seemed to take forever to me but I guess it was less than an hour with quite a few distractions.  
  • After that, we made a fleet of paper boats and a game of monopoly jr (my least favorite game of all!)  Seriously, it takes forever and ever.  I did short everyone on their starting off money so the game was a bit faster than usual.  
  • Next item on the list was lunch and making camouflage cupcakes-pretty cool if I do say so myself.  Of course they took about 4 hours!  Ha! I only have one cupcake pan so I had to fill it up 4 times.  And then my icing is took 4 different colors.  I had Campbell helping me so I stayed entertained (though now I am afraid she probably contaminated them)
  • Campbell shouted at me while she was in the bathroom today.  She said "When we die, I hope that have potties up there or I will peepee in my pants."  Deep thoughts by Campbell!
  • Soon my Graham was home.  We had sure missed him since he had spend the night with Grannymom.  I came home bearing a frog that he sure planned on showing to everyone in the toy room.  I convinced the crew to go to the patio to look at that thing.  
  • And speaking of the patio...after lunch Reagan, Anderson and Campbell went out to eat a piece of gum.  (Gum can't come in the house)  Keaton was also outside having her skittles.  I was in the kitchen and heard the alarm chime and knew someone was coming in the house on the other side.  I went to the door, looked around and asked "where's Reagan?"  Anderson said "she went to get her umbrella and the man is leaving."  I probably shouted back "what, man?"  Anderson was saying something pointing at the meter and I figured it was the meter reader but I still turned and sprinted to the other side of the house to make sure that Reagan was in the garage.  
  • She was rummaging around in the garage and probably the panic on my face caused her to look at me like I was nuts.  She said "the man scared me but it was alright because he said he was there to look at the meter."  I quickly explained that bad guys do lie and next time to let me know if anyone was in the yard.  Our meter reader seems to come just about every week-I never noticed him on Gamble but I guess with all of the windows at this house, I always see him.  
  • Tonight we had a get together at the Keys.  The kids played well and Reagan took great care of Keaton but poor Campbell slept the entire time.  That poor child had fever that must have started on the way there.  She was pretty hot and pretty pitiful.  But we all still had a good time....
  • And this is my last bullet point since tomorrow is a party day around here.  But when we pulled up to the Keys, no one was there and Robby joked "hope it is tonight."  Well, he double checked and noticed that we were there 30 minutes early.  Since you can't just waltz into someones house with 6 kids 30 minutes early, we started backing out.  Now the big white van isn't that inconspicuous so we did text to say "ignore the big white van backing out of your driveway."  After a drive around for 30 minutes, we did arrive at the party right on time!