July 24, 2013

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Measuring Up!

  • An early morning around here with breakfast and then school.  School was good today.  I didn't help Graham first today so that was hard for him to wait but he found things to do while he waited.  He also was pretty perfect today and if he started to fall apart I would just ask him if he needed to go to bed and he would quickly correct his behavior.  
  • I know this is just the third day of school and I promise I won't talk about it next week at all, but the kids have really done well.  Today school seemed like it lasted forever for Reagan and Anderson.  Cambpell, Graham and Keaton finished and even all watched a movie while waiting on the others.
  • We had time to clean the potties and empty the trash before doing our science.  So far the kids are pretty interested in our science this year-Anatomy and Physiology.  Yesterday we mummified apples a couple of different ways and will see which mixture that we used works the best.  And began talking about cells-I will enjoy science this year for sure since this years is more interesting to me than the swimming animals of last year.  
  • During lunch we read more about Carlsbad Caverns and then I pulled out my pictures.  The kids were more interested in the pictures of that trip showing Robby and I ziplining.  And a few pages over when they saw us sledding at White Sands they were beyond thrilled when I explained they would get to do that.
  • Soon we were getting in the car to go and see Beebee.  Neighbor girls cousins were playing on the tire swing and Anderson really wanted to go and tell them to leave.  I told them to get in the car and I would take care of that.  I told them that they couldn't swing when I was gone and I was about to leave and they quickly left.  But when I walked back towards the car, I could hear my boys shouting "Get off our land."  I promise that they have never said that-or at least said that when the kids could hear.
  • A mile or two down the road, Reagan wondered why the neighbors like to play in our yard.  I said it is probably because we have the biggest yard.  Reagan thought for a minute and then added "and because we have better parents."  
  • The kids were very good at Beebee's place but who wouldn't be with candy in their mouths and dollar bills in their pockets.  We have to smuggle out the money my grandma passes out because she is not supposed to have money there and has also gotten in trouble for trying to pay the staff.  We also smuggle out her afternoon snacks that she saves for us and doesn't eat.  Anyway, Keaton didn't hug Beebee when we walked in and Anderson told her she was going to have to hug Beebee if she wanted candy later.  Well, when the boys pulled out the candy, Keaton ran over to Beebee and gave her a huge hug.  
  • I was told by my Grandmother that I looked like I was gaining weight.  She meant that as a compliment but since I have been trying to lose weight, I did not take it as such.  So I am drowning my sorrows in a pan of brownies tonight!  
  • Then I dropped off the kids at Nonna and Pops house while I ran to the grocery store.  I think that the kids were good while I was gone but I didn't stick around that long because I had lots of cold food in the car and Grannymom, Grandpa and Robby were already on their way to our house and all were going to be waiting for supper!  
  • On the way home, Robby text me and Campbell said in a very exasperated voice "Why does Daddy keep doing that.  We are being good in the car."  That caught me a bit off guard until I remembered earlier in the day when I received a text from Robby.  I might possibly have said "Look Daddy knows how you are acting."
  • Grandpa hung up our new measuring board and then we measured everyone.  From now on we will just measure on birthdays but we needed to get everyone's measurements up on that board.  The kids were all excited to see how tall they were.  Reagan and Anderson are exactly the same size but more importantly, the big 4 can ride Space Mountain.  
  • So I took a few pictures of Campbell's boxes for tomorrow.  Basically her boxes are filled with anything that will keep her attention or keep her occupied for a few minutes.  Anything involving scissors or dry erase markers are her favorites.