July 28, 2013

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  • I think we left off last night with Graham coming to sleep in our room.  When we finally went to bed, Whitman woke up for another bottle.  After that Graham cried out a few times (don't know if his ears or something was bothering him or if he was just having a bad dream).  He even cried out enough during the night that Robby slept most of the night on the floor with him.  On the other side of the room, Whitman woke Robby and I up around 6 with his little cough.  So the illness list from last night should now be amended to include Whitman as sickly (though he doesn't feel bad at all).
  • I was the only one who went to church this morning since more of the kids would have been kicked out of Sunday school or couldn't have set through big church.  My morning was made when I told one little boy to save my seat for story time.  He was sitting in the circle waiting on me to come as another child tried to sit by him.  He told them "scoot over, that's a big butt coming."
  • Robby was calling me before I was back in the car-not really because he needed me but because he was on the bored side.  I think the kids were being pretty perfect-a little too perfect and he had nothing to do.  After I came home and changed clothes, we loaded up and went to Grannymom's house for lunch.
  • The kids ate and Graham was thrilled that Grannymom had hostess cupcakes for dessert.  The kids all enjoyed playing together and the boys tried to hoist Cash who was hanging on to a rope up to the top of Grannymom's deck.  They weren't able to do it so my Anderson thought maybe they would be able to lift him up.  There was only 50 pounds difference so that didn't work either!
  • Once we made it home, we did our traditional Sunday routine.  This time though Graham and Campbell ended up asleep upstairs with us.  Whitman was upstairs as well but he never really took a nap, he just ate.  I think that poor Whitman has become a daytime insomniac.  Seriously, he hardly napped yesterday and hasn't napped too much today either.  I guess that I will have to start just putting him down for a nap if he is tired or not (wouldn't that be horrible if he never ever took any day time naps?)
  • We were going to eat supper at home but since we had no bread (it was frozen and yes, I know we could have found something else) but we just we to Tazikis.  And then we celebrated again Graham's birthday at Krispy Kreme.  Graham figured out that the hot doughnuts at Krispy Kreme are the best ones and he had 3 of them tonight.  Campbell decided to take every single Krispy Kreme hat out of the restaurant tonight-she is going to be a kleptomaniac, I am sure of it.  
  • Back at home, the kids played with Graham's new legos for a bit (this is all that Anderson wants to do.  Actually, this birthday has been like a birthday for Anderson too with all of these new legos-his favorite thing).  Then it has been bedtime for the kids-so far no one is sleeping on our bedroom tonight.  We will see what the night holds though I do hear coughing on the monitor!