July 9, 2013

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Where'd the soccer ball go?

  • Anderson woke up at Pops' house and soon was taking a trip to pick up doughnuts.  I think that boy might be a bit spoiled.  His teeth and chin seem to be improved.  Though I did find out that he banged his chin while jumping off the side of the pool-ouch.  That makes me hurt!
  • We had breakfast and loaded up to drop most everyone off at Nonna's house.  Reagan had a visit with the dentist for a cleaning.  I thought she had a cavity that I wanted checked on before their August appointment.  It was indeed a cavity-one on both sides.  We will fix one the week after next and the other in November when everyone comes in for their second cleaning of the year.  
  • Then Reagan and I went to Walmart for a few minutes.  We walked up and down some toy aisles and looked at hair accessories.  She was so proud of getting to go shopping-she didn't even care if it was Walmart.  I had never heard her say "I know, right?" to agree with something I said but today she said it a zillion times.  Our task was to pick out water shoes for the creek this weekend.  We bought 4 pairs of shoes and only messed up on one of the sizes.  And if you are trying to figure it out, Keaton was the one who didn't get shoes.  I couldn't stomach paying for her water shoes so she will just wear her sandals.
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house and then played a game of hide and seek.  This is the new favorite game to play around here.  Reagan said that she could not wait to play it at the cabin this weekend.
  • Then it was home for naps for Keaton and Whitman, movies for Anderson, Reagan and Graham and lots of following me around for Campbell.  Today Reagan was looking for a blanket for Whitman and she was shocked that Campbell knew where they were.  Graham told her "it is because Campbell always follows Mama around."  
  • Today though I put her to work.  We started packing and she was my "go getter."  Seriously, we worked pretty hard.  I have this bracelet on my wrist that is similar to a pedometer but it also assigns points to how hard/how much you move during the day.  My highest day so far had been the day that Robby and I worked in the yard all day long but today, I beat that score!  Packing really is hard work!
  • When Robby made it home, he grilled hot dogs and then we ate and went outside.  The kids got a few pushes on the tire swing and I played a bit of soccer.  Then it was shower time for the girls and hair cutting time for the boys.  We let Whitman pass this time but soon he will get his Dennie buzz as well!  
  • Then we all had homemade chocolate peanut butter ice cream.  This was our first time to use our ice cream maker from 2 Christmases ago.  It was well worth the wait!