July 16, 2013: Big City of Branson

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Who doesn't love a hotel breakfast?  So many choices!

Keaton was the first one up this morning but she was up way too early.  We guess that she hit her head on the potty (one of the troubles of sleeping in the bathroom) or maybe she wet her diaper.  Either way, Campbell was the first one to hear her and we quickly moved her to my bed.  
That went smoothly until a few hours later when I woke up to Keaton crying and trying to hang onto the bed since she was falling off head first.  I was sleeping in the middle between Keaton and Campbell and was doing my best to keep both of them from rolling off the bed.  I call it a successful night since no one hit the floor.  Though I did briefly step on Whitman when I climbed out of bed this morning.  I didn't hurt him just startled him-probably startled him more than me.  Robby said yesterday that we will probably have to start booking hotel rooms that have suites since our room is wall to wall kids.
It was 8ish before we started moving around and we even made it to breakfast this morning.  The kids sat by themselves and were pretty perfect.  They ate and ate and ate until we put a stop to it but we did grab a few bowls of cereal for them to eat in the car.  Robby loaded up the van and we headed home.  
We didn't take too many stops on the way home though we did stop at a rest stop on the border and then we made our lunch stop at a Taco Bell and gas station.  Lunch was uneventful and then we started trips to the bathroom before loading up again.  When I took Anderson and Campbell into the gas station towards the bathroom, Anderson said "oh, a gift shop!"
As soon as we came back into Taco Bell, Robby was feeling all over his pants with a bit of a panicked look on his face.  He couldn't find his keys and had already checked the van.  They were not inside the van....so we started looking.  I headed to the trash that he had thrown one package of stuff away at.  Nothing like searching through a trash can at a gas station.  And Robby worked on the trash can inside of Taco Bell.  Fortunately my trash can was empty but Robby's was full enough that the worker man had just come to empty it and Robby had to ask for the trash bag back.  
The kids just stood watching Robby dig through that bag.  I was still outside looking through my bag.  Robby was just about to give up (not really though since giving up would not be a real option) when he finally found those blessed keys.  Guess who is ordering something to hide an extra key on the car tonight? 
After that we didn't leave the car until we were home in Little Rock.  Grannymom offered to keep the kids while we went home to unpack.  The kids were so happy to see us leave and we were pretty happy to unpack quietly at home.  Robby worked in the van while I worked putting stuff up inside.  I believe that I had the best job since he was wringing wet with sweat when he came in.  
We picked up the kids from Grannymom's house and Graham was telling us that they didn't get to go and have snow cones with Grannymom because she didn't have a coupon.  My poor kids think that you have to have a coupon for every purchase.  
When snow cone was mentioned, Robby thought that sounded like a good idea.  So we turned around and stopped for snow cones.  The poor worker people thought that they were in the money because the day care had stopped but it was just us.  We all had our snow cones and Keaton even had a pretty good spill.  Her lawnchair fell backwards and she banged her head hard-even got a big goose egg.  
Back at home, the kids worked on picking up their toy room and then we had sandwiches for supper.  We are going to try to work on eating through the fridge and freezer over the next few days-let's see how that works!  Next up was a bit of playtime-Reagan wanted to play upstairs with her stuffed animals.  She probably missed being at home more than the others and had animals all over their bedroom.  
The boys went outside and rode their bikes.  Anderson didn't ride his bike for long and when Robby put it up he found out why.  Anderson's tire was flat-at one time it wouldn't stay inflated but had been fine for a long time.  We stayed outside for a good while and then headed back in for showers.
After showers everyone went to bed except Whitman.  I think he relishes his time with us at night on couch.  He just grins and smiles at us and eats and eats!