July 2, 2013

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Graham celebrates Grant's birthday!

  • Whitman was the first one to wake up this morning and by the time I could get his milk, Anderson was sitting in front of him trying to calm him down.  Anderson, Whitman and I laid in the floor while Whitman was eating-we all shared a pillow and a blanket.  Soon Campbell came to join us and the blanket stretched even further.
  • We didn't really do a lot this morning-reading, lego building, two games, laundry and a bit of cleaning for me.  Actually, I did move Whitman's baby clothes out and put his 3-6 month clothes in his drawers.  Poor thing has to squeeze his stuff in 1 and a half drawers but this time I was able to make things fit a bit better.  His newborn stuff was just crammed in those drawers.
  • Nonna had lunch for the kids and after Graham ate we headed down the road to Grant's birthday party.  It was a swimming party so Graham enjoyed swimming with Grant and Gage.  They had cake and everyone left with a pool noodle.  When Grant's mom tried to give the noodle to Graham, Graham said "I don't even have a pool."  We need to work on being grateful around here.
  • We played a few rounds of hide n seek at Nonna's house and then we headed home.  The kids played inside for a bit and then watched a movie before heading back outside.  Kennedy came over to spend the night with us and everyone played outside until 7.
  • Baths and then supper for the crew and since we have company we are letting them stay up and play a bit longer than usual.  Everyone is happy currently but as soon as things fall apart, it will be bed time for this group-because I have brownies to eat!    
  • So earlier today, Campbell told me that Keaton can have her baby doll that she got for Christmas.  That was awfully nice of her since Keaton has claimed that same doll as her own and sleeps with it every single night and carries it around all day.  Keaton has pretty much taken the doll away from Campbell since Christmas morning.  This alone makes me a bit sad for Campbell but today she also said that she was going to get an American Girl doll since she didn't have her own doll.  
  • Tonight Reagan and Kennedy are playing doll and Campbell was upstairs crying because she didn't have a doll to play with.  I started to find her a doll but she asked for her baby doll.  Well that wouldn't work because Keaton is sound asleep with it so we dug out Campbell's old baby doll and I quickly dressed it up in American Girl clothes.  Campbell will definitely be getting an American Girl doll for Christmas...just hope Keaton doesn't take that one away from her too!