July 19, 2013

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An Afternoon of Discovery

  • Robby has been leaving for work a bit earlier than usual the last few days, so this morning I told Campbell that he had already left as she was laying in my bed.  He didn't say bye but I just assumed I had slept through it.  Then someone turned on the shower and Campbell's eyes were huge wondering who was taking a shower.  
  • Keaton was soon up and just a note about her.  She continues to talk more and more.  Yesterday, she came up to me and said "where's AA?"  I told her he was in the bonus room and she said "oh" and walked off.  Five seconds later she was back with the same question and I had the same answer.  The third time she asked me "where's AA?" I realized that she didn't know what I meant by "bonus room."  So I took her upstairs and she said "oh!"  When I told Anderson that she was looking for him, he was so pleased since she usually just looks for Reagan.
  • The task for this morning was cleaning the kids desks and a bit of straightening of the school room.  The kids love to clean out their desks and I do love it too.  My Anderson could possibly be a hoarder one day-he wants to keep everything that he has every made.  Now Graham did great today and picking stuff to trash.  Reagan is a mix between the two but she does find creative places to re-stash her stuff.
  • Then the next project was packing for Graham who was spending the night with Nonna and for Campbell who was spending the night with Grannymom.  I let their big brother and sister help them so who knows what is packed.  I quickly double checked what all was in their bags to make sure there was underwear and a toothbrush but other than that I can make no guarantees.
  • The kids stayed at Grannymom's house while I went to get my hair cut.  I also ran to Sams and Savers (you wouldn't believe the kids books there).  We only had about 2 hours by then so I opted to skip the pool since the plan is to go tomorrow and I was worried that the kids would be disappointed to get out so soon.  So we headed to the Museum of Discovery.  Our pass expires at the end of the month so we went one more time.
  • One of the exhibits was about how things are made so they had an area to build a car, make a paper horse, smash a penny and make items out of wax (pretty cool).  We didn't have too long to stay because Robby was back in front to pick us up.
  • So at the museum, Keaton went into an area that she wasn't supposed to go in.  I looked up to find her just as I heard Anderson shouting at her "You better come out of there.  You are going to get into so much trouble."  It was pretty funny because he was being so stern with her-wonder where he gets that?
  • Graham had a final part of his nutrition center visit (an ultrasound) so Robby took him there.  He got a coloring book so he was thrilled about that and wanted to take it to Nonna's house.  After we left Robby, I dropped Campbell off at Grannymom's house and picked up Whitman who opted to skip the museum.
  • On the way home, Reagan said "It is pretty easy with just the big kids and the little kids, isn't it?"  I couldn't agree more-so much so that we have even let Reagan and Anderson stay up late tonight.  
  • Back at home, Keaton finished her nap that she started in the car.  Soon Robby was home and we had supper followed by me playing about a zillion games with the kids.  Then it was bedtime for Keaton and movie time for the big kids.  Another good day.