June 1, 2014

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  • My girl-less crew were all sound asleep by 10:30 and slept until 6:20 when Anderson popped up at the side of our bed and asked "can we get up yet?"  We told them that the could (if they would just leave us alone) and we didn't hear from them again for about an hour when they came to ask for breakfast.  I served up our leftover doughnuts and as soon as they ate, they were off again not to be seen or heard from until I had them put on their Sunday clothes.
  • They did wake Whitman up for me-poor baby was sleeping soundly and then 3 noisy boys (noisy is an understatement) ran into his room, playing a keyboard and singing.  My Whitman let them get him out but quickly found his way away from them and to me.  He wanted nothing to do with those boys and only wanted me.  He ate and was soon dressed and ready for church.
  • The boys were perfect during church and then Anderson was delighted that Cash could go to Sunday school with him.  Graham was a bit bummed about not even being on the same floor as Cash and Anderson but he quickly got over it.  Afterwards, we loaded up our crew (4 kids is really nothing!) and headed to Grannymom's house to eat lunch.
  • The girls were already there-they had a great time with Lilly and Dana.  They stayed up late watching movies and it sounds like all of my girls (yep, even Campbell) did really well.  Today the kids took over Grannymom's dining room table and the adults (and Whitman) crowded around the kitchen table.  The kids were all really well behaved (as well as they could be) and as they talked in the dining room, we started in on dessert before the kids realized that we were eating dessert without them.
  • The weather looked sunny-ish so we all changed and headed to the pool.  Grannymom asked if Whitman wanted to stay at her house and he certainly did-he even got to play with Shelley and Zach for a while.  The kids were delighted to swim in the ice cold water-the rain has made the water freezing but they didn't mind at all.
  • After quite a while, Robby went to pick up Whitman but also picked up Zach, Grannymom and Shelley to come and see everyone for a bit.  Then we dropped them off and headed home-home for showers and then the kids watched a few movies while Robby and I worked in the garage.  
  • Then it was time for a bit of supper, a short Bible story movie followed by bedtime for the kids and then load after load of laundry for Robby and me!

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