June 15, 2014-Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day!

  • Father's Day this morning and Graham was the most concerned when I didn't wake him up at the crack of dawn to make Robby breakfast-like they do on Mother's Day.  I reminded him that we had already made our breakfast for Robby (rice krispy treats) so we were all good.  The kids eventually all migrated upstairs to watch Robby finish his run.
  • When he was finished, I was ready and served up cinnamon rolls (really ones that I had frozen and made a while back) and then Robby came in after getting ready.  The kids were delighted to line up in order (they did that themselves) in the hall and then present Robby with his loot.  He had the pan of rice krispy treats that Reagan dropped on the floor.  No worries on that, my kitchen floor is clean enough to eat off of (not really, but we still ate off of it.) Then there was the gift of a Dr. Oz magazine (which Robby has to order himself) and a grilling set for camping.  We had also made a book for Robby where the kids wrote out things about him and reasons that the love him.  And finally, he was handed a plethora of handmade cards.
  • When everyone was ready, we headed outside for the customary Father's Day picture.  The picture today was a big success compared to our Mother's Day picture fail.  Then it was off to church and we had time to see Pops and Grandpa and wish them a Happy Father's Day before church started.  As Keaton was walking through the sanctuary, she started asking where the candy was-I guess we missed the candy man today.
  • During church, Robby had to leave for doughnuts for dad in her class room.  She was delighted to have him in her class.  After a bit of begging, Robby did say that he would come and pick her up early.  SO after a bit we did pick her up and she joined us in Keaton's class.  
  • Soon church was over and we went to Grannymom's house for lunch and a bit of playing outside.  Then it was home for a nap for Whitman, Keaton and finally me and Campbell.  I knew she would eventually end up beside me and we cuddled and snoozed while Robby cleaned his desk area for hours.  It was messy but I sure wouldn't have thought it would have taken him hours to clean.  
  • At 5, we all stirred and sent the kids outside to play with a promise that we would be out in 30 minutes for a kickball game rematch.  When the rematch happened, we had the same teams but not the same outcome.  The score tonight was much, much lower and we were able to play 5 innings instead of 3.  Reagan/Graham's team did have big neighbor kid (polite to your face but sneaky-yes, I delighted in pegging him out with the ball) but I don't think that addition of him changed the outcome.  Hopefully, some time this week we can have another game to break our tie.
  • Inside we had showers and then I did supper while Robby had his shower and then he started the Bible story movie while I had my shower.  Bible story and then bedtime-unfortunately, the kids ended up in bed later than we had intended because tomorrow is going to be an early, early morning.  Reagan and Anderson have camp and need to be at church at 7 and we signed Graham up to go to VBS with Lilly so he will leave when the big kids leave too (he is so excited to have something to do all week)

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