June 19, 2014

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A Thursday night swim!

  • Robby was up early, early this morning and had breakfast cooking when I stirred.  I woke the upstairs crew up and before I made it down stairs, I heard Graham say "Second tooth! I just lost my second tooth."  He is having a pretty good week himself and to top off his week he is sleeping in our room tonight.  (He thinks it is because he is our favorite but really, he is the only one who has to leave the house early in the morning for VBS.)
  • The 3 campers (Reagan, Anderson and Cash) loaded into the van along with the one VBSer (Graham) and the 2 tag-a-longs (Campbell and Keaton).  That just left me and Whitman here at the house.  And Whitman continued to sleep.  I worked for awhile and even stopped to listen by his door to see if he was stirring.  He was not, so I continued working but after a while, I started to get lonely and woke that boy up.  
  • He ate breakfast while I cleaned up the kitchen.  Then we started working on the laundry.  If you have ever folded laundry with a 1 year old, then you know how difficult it is.  I would fold 3 things and he would unfold 2.  I just started knocking him down into my pile of unfolded laundry whenever he neared my piles of neatly folded clothes.
  • Eventually, my girls and Robby came home and they helped divert some of Whitman's attention away from my laundry.  We read, played and worked all morning long.  Around 10, I put Whitman down for a nap since he was fussy and tired and went to the treadmill.  And when I was finished, that boy had not gone to sleep but was mad, mad at me!  I did get him up and he played a bit until it was time for early lunch.
  • I fed the 3 at home Dennies pretty early, Campbell and I left for the library and then to El Centro.  Robby later took Keaton and Whitman to Grannymom's house and brought Lilly and Graham to me.  They helped me and the others at El Centro today.  We played with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, dominoes and a bazillion other things.  The kids eat lunch there and are then there until 3 every single day.  I ended up outside and it was hot, hot, hot.  Thankfully, the air condition was just a few steps away.  I made it my duty to continue finding trash so I could step in to the cool air while throwing the trash away.
  • After we finished there, I took my helpers to Sonic for drinks.  Then we came home and they played outside until it was time to pick up everyone else.  The campers had arrived home and today they had not just cards that were their awards like the other days, they had ribbons.  I will have to take a picture of them and their awards tomorrow. 
  • And we also picked up Whitman and Keaton from Grannymom at the church and then we dropped off Lilly and Cash at their house.  The next stop was to pick up a pizza-the poor pizza people were working hard but we could have made a pizza at home faster.  It actually took so long that Campbell pottied all over herself in the car.  Thankfully, she did have on her bathing suit-though she did cry as she said "I can't swim all wet."  The car seat cover is already in the wash and she did swim in a wet bathing suit after all.
  • The kids were delighted to see the Kamps there so that was a few more folks to play with.  And we even stayed until almost 8:30 which meant that it was well after 9 when the kids were put into bed.  We never heard a peep out of them.  As I told Reagan tonight, she said "will we ever get to go to Family Farm again?"  I told her that she probably would get to go next year-you should have seen her face light up!

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