June 20, 2014

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Anderson, Graham and Cash are visiting the Mississippi cousins!

  • My boys were the first ones up today-well, actually we heard Graham looking in his tooth fairy pillow and clinking his change (4 quarters-the tooth fairy was a bit tired at midnight and just grabbed what she could find) and seconds later Anderson came into the room and climbed into our bed.
  • Graham was excited about his last day at VBS and I really think that child has had fun and all Anderson wanted to know was how long until he left for Mississippi.  Robby and Graham left before everyone else was really awake.
  • Soon though the whole house was up and Robby did call and was able to talk to Campbell and Keaton before he went in to work.  Usually, if Campbell doesn't get to tell her Daddy bye then her day starts off pretty rocky so her Daddy phone call was a good thing.
  • I have really taken a liking to these lazy summer days with little to do-no school, few chores.  Some may call it becoming lazy.  We did read a bit and worked on Campbell's reading book.  But then we just hung out all morning and it was pretty nice.  Anderson would sneak off to the toy room occasionally to play-he enjoys quiet time after lots of activity.  
  • But at noon, our day moved into high gear.  We quickly gobbled down our lunch and headed to pick up Graham and Cash from Grannymom's house.   On the way there, Anderson asked to sit by the door of the van so he could get out quickly-yep, he was beyond excited.  We then took those boys to meet Robby who met Shelley half way.  
  • She offered to keep the crew (5 year old and two 7 year olds) for a couple of nights.  My boys were so excited-tonight we know that they have been swimming and were watching a movie before bed.  Anderson and Graham will probably refuse to come home.
  • This afternoon, Keaton and Whitman had a nap while Campbell and Reagan watched a movie.  Then when Robby came home, we debated what to do and what to eat.  Eventually, the girls voted on nachos and Reagan made them and Campbell heated them up.  Glad to know that they can make supper themselves.
  • Robby had thought about going outside but soon he decided to that we should participate in National Flip Flop day and get a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie.  The girls and I donned our flip flops and walked in for the free smoothie-they were huge.  Campbell had one sip and decided that she didn't like the strawberry banana smoothie.  Robby asked Reagan if they were the same as mine and she shouted back at him "no, way."  I will assume that means that mine are much better.  We managed  quick visit to Grannymom an Grandpa's - found them sitting out front enjoying their quiet evening. (We changed that with a quick small game of kickball.)
  • Once at home, it was time for showers and then bed.  A few minutes ago, Keaton called me upstairs and I thought all of them would still be going strong but Campbell and Reagan are both already asleep-doing nothing all day is hard work.

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