June 10, 2014

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  • Another late morning-actually poor Whitman was only out of his breakfast chair for about 45 minutes before it was his morning nap time.  I did put him down for his nap in Keaton's bed and he just looked around and smiled.  He hasn't slept in her bed in a while and I am sure that it is extra soft and cozy compared to his pack n play.
  • Needless to say, the morning really did fly by-we quickly picked up the house and then the kids had a bit of time for their kindles (and I had time on the treadmill)  After that it was time to get Whitman up and time to make lunch.
  • While I was making lunch, Keaton disappeared.  She does that often now-she disappears and then she shows back up wearing a completely different outfit-different shirt, pants or dress along with socks and panties.  It isn't because her clothes are dirty or wet-she just thinks it is time to change.  And I if I tell any one in this house to put on their clothes, she will throw a fit if I don't also let her change (no matter when she last put on clothes)  I just thought I was doing a lot of laundry-now I doing twice as much as usual but it is all because of Keaton.  
  • After lunch, we quickly got ready and then we jumped in the car to go and vote.  The kids were a hit at the polling place but I guess since they had only seen 30+ folks all day long, the workers were getting bored.  They asked the kids to verify my name and address and they only stumbled at my birthdate. (I am not sure why they asked all of that, they did last time as well, I had my driver's license-though it does have the wrong address on it.)
  • Then we went to the library.   I usually don't take the kids to the library-or really anywhere except a few standard stops.  But they were all very good in the library and it took all of them to help carry out our 50+ books that we checked out.  My Reagan has about 15 chapter books that she checked out today and that I have checked out for her-she will never finish them all.  
  • Then it was time to go and see Beebee.  She is doing pretty fine after breaking her leg and was in her wheelchair all dressed and ready.  We ran off her company and the kids were happy to tell her about our camping trip and to eat up all of her candy.  
  • Campbell has had many questions about Beebee's leg being broken and was pretty relieved to see that Beebee's leg was not broken off as she had thought that it would be.  
  • Back at home, we read a few of our library books and then the kids watched some movies.  I thought Whitman was going to take a nap but he did not, so I got him up and he played with everyone as they watched their movies.
  • Campbell, Keaton and I made banana bread.  And while it cooked, I had to stand right beside the oven the entire time-Whitman likes to climb on the oven drawer and grab hold of the oven handle.  Yep, for real!  Thankfully, he has never opened it but I sure don't want him to so I just stood there for 30+ minutes.
  • Soon Robby was home with supper that we all devoured-especially the dessert!  After supper, we cleaned the kitchen floor while the kids played some sort of "war" game upstairs that involved dumping out all of the toys in the toy room.  We then watched a Bible story movie, read our story and then it was bedtime for the Dennie crew.

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