June 7, 2014

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A little shooting this afternoon!

  • Again it was a pretty lazy morning around here but it was Saturday and that was fine.  Robby finally got out of bed to go and run and by the time the others were all awake, it was way past breakfast time.  They gobbled down the doughnuts from last night and soon Anderson spotted Grannymom and Grandpa outside and it was mass exodus of little people running out of the house and putting on outside clothes as they ran out the door.
  • Most of the day was spent outside-picking up sticks for most of us.  The work ethic of my boys and well, my girls is pretty pitiful.  Despite it being pitiful, the kids did help a lot and soon we all had the yard less "limb-y" looking.
  • Robby and Grandpa worked during the morning on figuring out exactly what they needed to add the slide and swing set to our tree house.  Then we all split up-Robby and I had a mystery shop so we took the 3 wild cards with us (Whitman, Campbell and Keaton) and asked if Grannymom would take the 3 big kids with them.  They ran a few errands and so did we and we all ended up back at the house at pretty much the same time.  
  • Oh, the "wild cards" you ask, well they were excellent.  Robby and I were a bit shocked at their behavior while we were eating out.  And we had to wait a long, long time as we waited for our food.  And Grannymom said that the others were also fine-sometimes I wonder how the kids act since I do think they are a little less behaved when they are just around Robby and me.  
  • This afternoon was filled with more stick picking up and lots of popsicles.  We had briefly thought about the pool but soon the skies were getting dark and the wind was starting to blow.  We just looked at the yard wondering how many limbs were going to fall down during this little thunderstorm.
  • Thankfully this storm was just wind-enough that we quickly picked up our outside stuff but then continued our kickball game in the windstorm.  When it started to rain, we did head into the garage and eventually the house for showers.
  • Robby and I heated up the last of the leftovers for the kids supper and have just realized that we didn't eat.  After a bit, we all gathered around the tv and watched all 600+ pictures that the kids took camping.  Seriously, our slide show of pictures was over 40 minutes (I snoozed during it).  The kids actually had pretty good (and also interesting) pictures.  It is very interesting to see what they notice-my boys noticed every single RV in the camp.  I have a picture of each and every one of them!  

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