June 28, 2014

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Making Blueberry Cobbler!

  • Oh my poor, sweet Campbell has had it rough the past few nights.  Robby went upstairs once, I did shortly after that and then Robby ended up sleeping most of the night with her.  She wakes up and then decides that she is scared and/or can't go back to sleep.  If we can just make it until our trip, then I believe she will sleep better (or at least we will since she will just be a roll away and not a hallway, flight of steps and another hallway away.)  
  • Everyone still woke up fairly well rested this morning and the first thing that Campbell asked was "when are we going to pick up Reagan."  She really misses her when she is gone.  We are pretty blessed that the kids really like/love each other (at least right now).  Reagan had spent the night with Kennedy-they swam, ate hamburgers, played doll house, watched a movie, had waffles for breakfast and swam some more.  
  • The big activity this morning was cutting the boys hair.  Robby worked and worked on their hair-it had gotten a bit long.  You would think that it would be quick to buzz their heads but they are a a bit whiney.  They need many "breaks"-hair in their mouth, hair in the eyes, move their neck and on and on goes their reasons-so Robby lets them have their breaks and hair cutting lasts a while.  After their hair was cut, then it was showers and scrub downs to get that hair off of them.
  • Then Graham and I went to a party at the jumpy place in Benton.  He had a blast playing basketball and I enjoyed a bit of playing too (my favorite is the big slide-always has been.  My favorite ride at the fair growing up was that big slide).  Anyway, Graham worked up an appetite-he had 2 pieces of cake, ice cream and 2 juice boxes!  No wonder Robby couldn't get him to eat any lunch when we came home.
  • Meanwhile back at the house, Anderson, Campbell, Keaton and Robby were picking up rocks from around the trees.  Neighbor kid likes to turn them over to see what is under them and then they leave they roll in the way of Robby's lawnmower.  They had piled the trailer high with them so after lunch Robby had to pitch them all over the fence.  (country living-you don't want it, just throw it in the neighbor's yard)  
  • Around 3, we loaded up to run a few errands.  First Campbell and I ran into Walmart to buy a few things including shoes for 3 Dennie kids.  Whitman still has a new pair from his birthday so that only leaves 2 without brand new shoes for the trip-they do have nicer tennis shoes so that is why they are getting left out.  I thought Campbell would need the same size so after searching and picking out her favorite, we tried it on and I thought we needed to go up a size.  So we had to re-search in a different section to find her new size, pick out a new favorite and then try it on.  Needless to say, we were in the store long enough for Robby to see a misdemeanor (or possibly a felony) committed in the parking lot (shoplifting)
  • Then I dropped off Robby and the kids at Grannymom's house while I ran to two more stores and then to pick up some supper.  The plan was to next go swimming so when I arrived back at Grannymom's house, the kids were already dressed in their bathing suits.  But by this time it was thundering and lightening.  We still loaded up to go and get gas and to assess the swimming situation-we finally decided it was a no-go and went back to pick up Whitman who was going to play at Grannymom's house this time instead of go swimming.
  • That left us with a car load of disappointed kids.  Yes, they understood why we couldn't go but still that is no fun, so we disrupted Nonna and Pops quiet evening at home and ate our supper there. While we were there, it poured and thundered some more so we did feel better about not going to the pool-we were a bit worried that as soon as we decided not to go, the sun would come back out.
  • When we left Nonna's house, we came home and showered and then the kids and I started working on making a blueberry cobbler like her blackberry cobbler.  As we had finished making it, Graham read the recipe back to me.  He got stuck on the word "sift" and had no idea what that meant-I don't have enough patience to sift things, so my sifter has rarely left my cabinet.  So I brought it out, put some flour in it and everyone had a grand time sifting.  Making the cobbler had been relatively mess free but after 5 kids sift flour on a stool in the kitchen, things do get pretty messy.  
  • As soon as the cobbler was in the oven, the kids headed upstairs for bed and Bible story time.  They can have some cobbler in the morning-here are my predictions: Anderson will not eat any, Campbell will also not eat any.  Keaton will hear them talking and will follow what Campbell says and does.  Graham will say he likes it but probably won't finish his and Reagan will devour hers.

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