June 18, 2014

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Camp Day #3

  • This morning was a bit slower than the past few with our campers and VBS-er spending the night at Grannymom's house.  The girls climbed in our bed around 7:30 and laid there until time for Robby to go to work.  Soon we all had our breakfast and started our morning.
  • My girls helped with some chores, we read some books and they played a bit this morning.  Mostly, my Keaton just fussed about nothing and about everything.  I have no idea what has gotten in to her lately-almost like she is taking Campbell's place as the difficult Dennie.  (Graham was our first difficult Dennie.  And when he started improving, Campbell quickly took his place.  Now Keaton is trying to claim the difficult Dennie title and is well on her way.)
  • Soon it was time to leave to get gas and meet Grannymom, Grandpa, Lilly, Graham and Robby at Larry's pizza.  This treat was mainly for Graham since he is the one missing out on camp.  But Campbell was just as excited about Larrys.  She told me that she would show me around, she offered to point out the restaurant when we arrived and made sure that I understood that we had to pay first.
  • The kids ate and ate-well, about a piece of pizza and a piece of dessert pizza.  There eye was on the game room and when we had finished, Robby gave them a few tokens-enough for everyone to get a piece of candy with their winnings.  
  • We came home for naps and movie time and before long, I was playing ping pong and air hockey upstairs with Graham and Campbell.  Graham took such time trying his best to teach Campbell how to play ping pong (hopeless).  I was about to comment on how well he was trying to teach her but first he commented "I like teaching."
  • And with that on his mind, he and Campbell went downstairs and played a game of flag football in the living room.  This did involve me moving all of the living room furniture (even the couch) but it was worth it because they played for the longest time.  After he had successfully taught Campbell, he moved to teaching Keaton the art of football.  
  • Soon Robby was home with the campers (even Cash) and they were hot and wound up.  We quickly ate supper and then all went outside.  Now my Keaton had been quite concerned if I was going to take proper care of Cash.  These are some of the questions she asked me this afternoon and evening "You have a napkin for Cash? You have enough spaghetti for Cash? Cash going to have a chair? Even Cash have a brownie? Cash going to sleep here because he doesn't have a bed at his house? Cash sleep in Campbell's bed, that okay?"  And on and on it went.
  • Robby mowed for a while and when he was done we played 2 innings of kickball.  I didn't let Whitman out of the wagon because neighbor man said that he had killed a copper head some where.  He told me where but I didn't hear that.  My Whitman's feet didn't hit the ground again though!
  • Showers (scrub downs) were given and then it was bedtime.  We let Cash have Campbell's bed and Keaton and Campbell are in our room sleeping.  Hopefully, everyone will sleep well and be ready for their last day at camp.

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