June 17, 2014

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Where did all those big kids go?

  • Anderson was the first one awake this morning and after my shower, I snuck upstairs to wake Reagan and Graham up.  I thought I was being so quiet but Campbell woke up.  I let her come down stairs with everyone else and after a few minutes she disappeared.  That turkey went upstairs to wake Keaton up and bring her downstairs.
  • Whitman was even awake this morning when the others left.  But when they left this morning, Reagan, Anderson and Graham won't be back home until tomorrow night so it was good that everyone was able to say good bye.  Since we were up early, by 8:30 I had already finished my to-do list, read 4 books with the girls and were running out of things to do.  The house was so incredibly quiet-almost oddly quiet.
  • A bit before 10, we headed to Nonna and Pops' house.  The girls and Whitman stayed there until 2 while I went home to pull out school for August and I even did my treadmill time.  So my oddly quiet house was much, much quieter without the kids. 
  • I don't think that the little 3 missed me at all.  Whitman spent much of his time playing basketball.  And he remembered his hoops skills because tonight he would get our basketball, go stand under our goal, look up and then throw the ball.  Of course he was about 9 feet from actually getting the ball into the goal but he sure was a cute thing.  Keaton and Campbell had a good time playing "food" and talked about that all of the way home. 
  • Grannymom picked up my Grahammer from Vacation Bible School and it sounded like he had a good time.  He even got to go swimming this afternoon.  She also picked up Reagan, Anderson and Cash from church after camp.  They again had a good time-Reagan went canoeing and rode on a man-powered carousel (whatever that is).  Anderson did the sling shot and earned Camper of the Day.  I am pretty sure that they are still having fun and they even stayed busy tonight at Grannymom's house with a kickball game outside.
  • Our afternoon was spent watching a movie and making hawaiian dinner rolls (fail-burned them and used to much whole wheat flour (I was out of the regular kind))   Tonight we had dinner outside and then Robby mowed as I blew bubbles, took the kids on a walk and pushed folks on the swing.
  • When we came in, it was shower time and then we read another Bible story book tonight and Campbell got to sit next to Robby while he was reading it.  She, along with everyone else, usually lays in their beds during the story.  Tonight she said "I am going to ask Daddy if I can sit by him and if he says yes then good but if he says no then I will say "yes sir.""-love that girl!

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