June 5, 2014-Camping Adventure Day 3!

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Tearing down camp to head home...

  • Oh what a difference a night makes-last night my Whitman slept wonderfully.  He was asleep when Robby and I finally turned off our computers and that baby slept all night.  We all slept wonderfully.  I was kind of awake when Robby pointed at Whitman who was sitting quietly in his bed at 7 this morning.  We got him out and let him crawl around and wake everyone else up-they always take delight in waking him up so we thought we would let him have his turn,
  • As soon as Robby and I were awake enough to sit up, we started packing up.  I was shoving sleeping bags into their bags as the kids were still laying in them.  The kids helped haul stuff to the car for us and soon we opened up breakfast (powdered doughnuts).  
  • Then we had all hands on deck to help take the tent down.  Robby and I could do it so much easier by ourselves but those little guys have to learn so we patiently (well, we tried) to teach them how to do it.  They all did well and we were even able to get the tent back in the bag-always a good thing!  And like always on our last trip day, we didn't take hardly any pictures.  We never do on the last leg of our trips-we try but we just don't.  Robby just told me that Whitman didn't make it into any pictures.  Oh, I wish I would have taken his picture tonight when he was swimming in the pool and wearing Campbell's goggles.  
  • We were loaded up and in the car before 9 this morning.  The drive home took no time at all and soon we were unloading.  The kids helped unload, rode their bikes and watched the tree house man (tree house-finished except for adding the slide, swings, telescope and steering wheel)  We first all worked on the van and then the garage until it was time to move our crew to the inside to work.  They all then helped me inside the house and finally everyone had showers.
  • Soon it was lunch and Robby made pizza.  My Keaton and Whitman were pretty tired so they soon took their naps and I guess that Campbell and I were tired too because we just snuggled up on the couch and were asleep in no time at all.  Before I knew it, the afternoon had almost passed and Robby woke us up saying that it was time to go swimming.
  • We quickly got ready and headed to Grannymom's house to pick up our bathing suits (she brought home some of our camping laundry for us) and then to pick up a pizza for supper-oh, I know that we had pizza for lunch but pizza is just good (easy) pool supper food.
  • On the way to the pool, Robby's house alarm dinged saying that the door in our garage was opened and then closed.  Hmm, that was odd.  We figured that we had left the door unlocked and thought maybe the wind did it.  We weren't really sure and then it happened again.  We could tell no one was in the house but still Robby dropped us off at the pool and then ran home to check on things.  
  • Things looked fine then he saw neighbor kid with some of our basketballs.  Neighbor kid opened our door, walked through our dark garage, got 2 basketballs out and then took them to another yard to play.  This required a trip to talk to neighbor kids mom and Robby wasn't a happy camper.  He explained to mom that he was out and the police (alarm company) called.  I doubt that neighbor kids will be back over here for awhile.  (Though we did leave the door unlocked accidentally, it is a good lesson for us-we should probably lock up a bit more and be less trusting of neighbor kids!)
  • Back at the pool, the kids played with Lilly and Cash until it was adult swim and we passed out the pizza.  They gobbled the pizza up and were soon swimming again.  Whitman was all over the kiddie area-you really have to watch him because he will just stick his little face in and thinks he can go anywhere.  
  • My Campbell even got to swim in the deep end without floatees for a bit.  I took a turn in the water with her swimming to me and she did pretty good.  Later, she jumped off the diving board for Robby to catch her.  Keaton went down the slide twice but each time but she can't stay sitting up on the slide and bumps her head every time but she still enjoys it (a tiny bit).
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham spent most of their time jumping off of the diving board.  They went over and over and over again.  I am sure that they are worn out-but we are going back to the pool tomorrow!
  • We stayed at the pool until it was closing time (9:00) and then we hurried home to put the kids to bed-they are a tired, tired bunch! 

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