June 29, 2014

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Keaton and Dad Selfie!

  • We were all up on time this morning-even early enough for the kids to watch 2 movies, for me to pack a few things and for Robby to work on the dvd player in the car (trying to stream netflix on the road) but all of this activity left us a bit late for church.  We skedaddled into the church house as fast as we could so we would have time to see all the grands.
  • Robby and I took the little 3 to class and left Reagan, Anderson and Graham in the sanctuary alone.  Thankfully, when we came back they were standing singing like perfect kids.  But they aren't always perfect little kids during church, sometimes you think that the kids are listening in church but then they start grabbing at imaginary flies or shooting an imaginary gun in the middle of the sermon (Anderson).
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for taco pie and pecan cobbler and then it was to the swimming hole we went.  We stayed for 2 adult swims (2 hours) and then we did leave.  The kids had a huge and loud volleyball game happening in the shallow end.  They were happily playing while Keaton was sitting on an innertube near the edge of the pool.  She flipped over and managed to cause enough commotion that another mother came to help her up...she looked pretty frightened when she stood up so I am not sure if she got a mouth full of water or hit her head.  Now she was just in the 2 inch, maybe 3 inch water while wearing floatees.  Where was I?  I was busy keeping score for the massive volleyball game.
  • Once at home, we quickly had showers and before I knew it, it was time to load up for church again.  We told Campbell that she could come to big church and again tonight we were running late.  Robby went in the sanctuary with Keaton and the 4 big kids while I went to drop of Whitman.  Then he left the kids and went to drop of Keaton.  When we came back in the sanctuary, we saw Reagan, Anderson and Graham and sat down with them.
  • About 2 minutes later, I noticed that someone sat down by Reagan.  I looked down and it was our Campbell-we had forgotten about her.  She had been visiting with Nonna and Pops.  Pops said that when she heard the music start, she took off and headed to her seat.  She didn't want to miss anything.  But the disturbing thing is that we had completely forgotten about the child.  
  • At home, the kids changed into their pajamas and then Reagan and Graham started fussing.  I made them hold hands and this did not fly well with Reagan at all.  She was so upset about having to hold her brothers hand.  Robby threatened to put them in one of those "get along" tshirts-both of them wearing the same extra large tshirt with a larger head hole cut out.  But we didn't have time for that because tonight was ice cream truck night.
  • Tomorrow is another busy day here so the kids were quickly put to bed so we could get our stuff ready (and eat supper and some blueberry cobbler)  

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