June 8, 2014

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Who let the sharks out?

  • Sunday morning here and the kids were pretty excited about sharing the 3 leftover doughnuts from Krispy Kreme...except those doughnuts were eaten last night by Robby and I.  They were delicious but probably not worth the commotion that the caused this morning.  According to the breakfast menu, Sunday is doughnut day but we did have our standby doughnuts so all was eventually good.
  • The kids were ready quickly this morning and we were on our way to church in the pouring rain.  Thankfully the rain had slacked off some when we came in (though Robby did drop us off under the awning.)
  • My Reagan and Anderson did get themselves into a bit of trouble during church.  They were sitting beside each other and there was just a bit too much chatting and a bit too much moving.  And to top things off, whenever I would put my hand on their shoulder, leg or hand, my hand was brushed off-that didn't fly too well with me at all.  They were given a good speech after church and then couldn't play their kindle this afternoon.  This effected Reagan more than Anderson who quickly found the toy room when we made it home and was happy there.  (Behavior tonight at church was excellent so hopefully a lesson was learned.)
  • After church, we had our lunch at Nonna's house.  She had a yummy lunch, well at least most of us though her lunch was yummy.  Whitman did throw every single bit of his lunch on the floor.  I am afraid that boy is getting incredibly picky (He also threw his Cracker Barrel supper on the floor.)  Now he did save room for fruit and dessert.  I believe that he possibly has a sweet tooth just like me.
  • At home, Whitman and Keaton went down for a nap but Keaton didn't stay in her bed long.  First she talked which turned to singing and then fussing until I came upstairs and gave her more milk.  Then she climbed out of bed once, then twice and then a third time.  I was trying to fold my child-high mound of clean clothes but couldn't stay awake so I just thought I would have her lay down with me-it didn't work and neither of us had a nap.
  • One of us though was a fussy gussy after our non-nap.  I am sure that you think it was me but it was Keaton.  She threw a massive fit over something so I put her in her bed only for her to get out again.  I put her back into bed and Robby used the spoon to remind her to stay in that bed.  When we finally got her out, she did say her "sorrys" and was a perfect child until we left for church.
  • We did have to scramble around and get ready.  And about 10 til it was time to leave, we remembered that the kids needed to eat so we quickly made them supper and then headed to church.  After church, Robby thought Cracker Barrel sounded good so we headed there for supper for us and a snack for the kids.
  • We ordered them 2 adult pancake breakfasts and they cleaned them up.  The pancakes were a hit and so was the bacon but the true excitement came when the lady left 6 tiny syrup bottles on our table.  The kids had never seen anything like that.  They were as happy as they could be and I would have been incredibly happy if Cracker Barrel had not been out of their apple cobbler!
  • Back at home, we did our teeth and said our good nights.  And then about 15 minutes later, the tornado sirens went off.  Our tv was acting up so we didn't know where the storm was so I quickly got the kids from their beds-everyone went swiftly downstairs as I asked but Campbell was pure dead weight.  She would not sit up at all for me to grab her, finally I yanked her up and headed down the steps.  I pushed her towards the closet and went to get Whitman out of his bed...only to find out the storm wasn't anywhere near us.  I guess it was good practice and surprisingly the kids did go contently back to bed.  

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