June 22, 2014

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Groundbreaking Sunday!

  • This should have been the last quiet morning around here with the boys gone.  But goodness it wasn't quiet.  Campbell decided that she didn't like the dress I had picked out for her and she let us all know about it.  I stood my ground and she did wear that perfectly cute dress to church and was the cutest thing in it.  But that child huffed, puffed, whined, cried, flopped and flailed for the longest time.
  • Campbell is following Reagan's footsteps on being incredibly picky with her clothes.  We are blessed with many hand-me-downs and I let Reagan decide what she wants and what she just wants to put back for her sisters.  So everything in her drawers are things that she has chosen but why in the world does she only want to wear the same 3 shirts and 1 pair of shorts.  (Now tonight she did pick out a very cute outfit of clothes she usually doesn't wear)
  • After finally getting my people dressed we had to scurry around to eat and leave quickly so we would have time for grandparent visiting time.  We did in face have time to see Grannymom and Grandpa and Nonna and Pops before church so this pleased the girls and Whitman.
  • Then we picked up everyone and went outside for the groundbreaking.  Robby and I think that we have been to 6 groundbreakings at Geyer Springs starting with the old sanctuary on Geyer Springs road.  Keaton found herself a construction hat and Campbell enjoyed watching "Jeff" on the bulldozer.  
  • After that, Campbell and Reagan went to Nonna's house with her but since they didn't have a seat for Keaton she stayed with us-she wasn't happy at all about this travel arrangement.  Though after a promise of candy from Walmart she quickly calmed.  We bought her one of those oreo cookie cups that she proudly carried out of the store in the bag.  Then while we were loading our groceries and Whitman up, Keaton opened those up herself and chowed down on the way to Nonna's house.
  • We had time to play some after lunch but Whitman was exhausted and ready for his nap (so was his momma)  But naps didn't last for too long because soon the boys were home from Mississippi via Shelley and then Dana.  They had the best time and couldn't stop talking about their zoo trip.  We quizzed them on everything that we could think of.  We did learn that they liked going to church with their cousins because it was shorter than our church.
  • We soon loaded up so they could drop me off at church for my class and Robby picked up pizza for the kids.  They ate and then played in the game room until church time.  And at church time, Keaton decided that she did NOT want to go to her class.  That child screamed like I have never heard her but her teachers said she soon calmed down.  
  • Campbell saw her class was combined into a younger class so she didn't want to go either.  But since she can sit still-ish in church, she was able to come with us to big church.  Graham was asleep ever so quickly when the preaching started but as soon as church was over, he was wide awake asking about ice cream truck.
  • The ice cream truck did arrive here once everyone was changed into their pajamas.  Then it was Bible story time and bed time.  The other folks seemed to have slept in our room lately, so Reagan asked to have her turn.  I am sure that she was delighted that we said yes and Robby let her read some before going to sleep.  
  • This was probably a good night not to be in their bedroom because Keaton is still going strong.  She called me up a minute ago saying that her diaper hurt (it didn't) and that she could hear me "washing the spoons."  I am not sure what she heard but I sure am not washing spoons right now.

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