June 11, 2014

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All boy!

  • Our mornings just keep getting later and later but this was swimming pool morning so even though we slept late, we still moved pretty quickly to get everyone accomplished before pool time.  We had our pancakes and waffles for breakfast and soon it seemed like we were already on our way to the pool.
  • At the pool, it was cold, cold-even one of the kids said "this water is ice cold."  The breeze was so cool that even though I was still dry, I had to cover up with a towel to stay warm.  It was indeed freezing out there but after 1 hour, my Whitman was not going to stay in his stroller any long.  So I suited him up and let him out into the pool.
  • That child is wild!  He would just dart towards the deep end causing me to run behind him and then he would just stop.  Or he would fall down in the water but lift his head up so he didn't go under.  At one point, I took him near the big kids in the deep water and then I couldn't keep him away from that area.  I put on his floatee but he wasn't happy about that and wanted to be free in the deep end.  That child is a mess!
  • It was so cold today that the kids would come and ask me if it was time to leave.  We might have left if Robby wasn't coming bringing us lunch so we stuck it out-even though Graham's lips were pretty blue!  Having lunch delivered was nice and then we all headed home.
  • Robby took the boys and I had the girls and Whitman.  Soon the car was unloaded and everyone was home.  Whitman snoozed while I read some to the kids before they headed outside. After Robby was done with work, Grannymom and Grandpa came over to help with putting the slide on the new tree house and then the demolition of the old one.  (And it looks great-now it is just my job to stain it)
  • We were outside until 8 and when we finally came in, my kids were filthy dirty-like should have hosed them down outside.  After all morning at the pool and then all day outside, my Dennie crew was asleep in no time tonight-and I celebrated with some cookie dough!

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