June 13, 2014

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  •  Another day where everyone was sleeping late-just blissful.  But this morning I was the one that couldn't sleep and ended up getting up a bit early to do the laundry.  That was nice because it was finished before everyone else started waking up.
  • We saw Robby off to work and then it was a pick your own breakfast type of morning.  The kids worked on their chores and when Whitman went down for his nap, I cleaned out a school room drawer and then the fun really started-monopoly.
  • First, we did a bit of reading and then Reagan and Anderson picked out Monopoly for us to play.  Not the kiddie version but the real deal.  I have never really played Monopoly much before so I am sure that all of the rules weren't followed perfectly but the kids enjoyed it.  I know that Monopoly can go on forever and ever, but we really needed to eat lunch on time so we could leave so we played the game for about 30 minutes.
  • As we were putting up that game, Keaton pulled out her game and we all played it with her.  The kids have been so sweet to her yesterday when we were outside and today.  Campbell really keeps Keaton under her wing and takes care of the girl so Keaton has been missing her big sister.  And my big 3 have been really, really good to Keaton in Campbell's absence.
  • Afterwards, I made lunch and then we cleaned up and headed out the door.  Our first stop was to pick Campbell at Nonna's house.  Before I could tell the kids that we weren't getting out, they were already unbuckling Whitman and were out of the van.  They played for a bit outside, everyone drove Pops' tractor and they all had a doughnut before we loaded up to leave again.
  • Then it was a quick trip inside the library.  I had requested books for our fall science fair projects (yep, I am a bit ahead)  They were fine in the library but I really wished the place had a drive through.  
  • And Walmart was next.  I rarely take the kids places (other than Bible study, Beebee's place and church) so Walmart is an exotic outing.  We quickly found everything that we needed and were soon out the door.  (Well, really it was Walmart that we were shopping out so everything wasn't found quickly nor were we soon out the door-but our trip wasn't too bad.)
  • And our Campbell only stayed with us for about 2 hours and then we dropped her off again.  Tonight she spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa.  She was so excited to go again and I don't think that she minded leaving us at all.  Now I do know that it will take us a few days to de-grandma her but I figure she has had so much fun and attention that it will be worth it.
  • Robby made it home at about the same time that we did and we helped him unload his groceries and then he helped us unload our Walmart purchases.  Anderson stayed outside and played with the neighbor kids-though we don't really like them playing with those older boys, Anderson had a blast.  Soon it was time to load up again.
  • Robby and I went out to celebrate Jaymie's birthday and the kids celebrated us being gone at Nonna and Pops' house.  Pops cooked hot dogs and the boys watched their share of tree house masters.  Even though we made it home pretty late (for us), the kids were still wide awake-even the baby.
  • But once we made it home, my crew was quickly sound asleep and I hope that we all rest well.

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