June 6, 2014

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A night at the zoo...

  • My kids are tired, tired.  It was well after 7 that Graham stirred with Campbell close behind him.  But Reagan and Anderson didn't wake up until I went upstairs around 8:30.  I would have let them slept longer but this was book day and we had lots of things to do before we left.
  • Graham started right to work on his list but Reagan and Anderson only were able to mark their chores off of their list before we left.  Reagan had 2 laundry baskets full of clothes to put away (don't feel too sorry for her-the clothes were neatly folded and stacked nicely in separate piles)  Anderson only had the dishes and to clean up the toy room-which was almost still clean.  Once home though everyone picked up where they left off and soon all of our tasks were checked off of the list.
  • We made it to the pool a bit after it opened but the kids were in the water in no time.  Last night the water was warm and I even enjoyed being in the water-not so today.  I thought the water was much, much colder.  Whitman didn't really mind the cold water when he was walking around but when I tried to put him in his floatee-he wasn't happy with me at all.  So I held him while making sure that Campbell was able to successfully swim from the slide to the ladder.  She did pretty well but still needs reminders to put her head down and swim.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham continued where they left off on the diving board and spent most of their time there.  The wind was a bit cool (I thought) but it didn't stop the kids.  We had lunch at noon and the kids had 50 minutes of swimming left.  That is when I did climb in the cool pool but soon after the whistles blew because thunder was heard.  Last year I was the queen of thunder at the pool and I guess my streak is continuing.  
  • The kids all took it well since they only lost about 15 minutes of swimming and mine all vividly remember all of the thunder events we had last year.  The car ride home was dark but as soon as I pulled into the garage, the bottom fell out.  I had never seen a storm like that.  The kids didn't seem to notice and carried on getting in showers and bathtubs all over this house.  I was certain our lights were going to go out and kept warning everyone but they didn't so that was a good thing.
  • The afternoon was fairly calm and Nonna and Pops even came over-their lights did go out.  They stayed for awhile and when they were leaving, Robby came home.  He was here a few minutes and then we loaded up for our night out.
  • The zoo was having a members only night with free carousel and free train rides so we picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and headed there.  We were not the only ones who showed up-the line was crazy, crazy long but we chose the short line and it moved really fast.  
  • The Penningtons were there so we hung out with them and were able to ride the carousel twice and then we walked to the food line.  We had hot dogs, chips and water and then planned on riding that new train.  But the train line had multiplied to crazy long-so we mentioned doughnuts instead of the train ride and the kids were fine with that.  
  • So the Penningtons and we all ditched the zoo and went to Krispy Kreme for a free doughnut.  Today is National Doughnut Day and we celebrated it well-so did the Kamps who also showed up.  My kids were in heaven-eating doughnuts and seeing all of their friends.  
  • My Whitman also couldn't have been happier-he loves doughnuts and when we asked if he wanted one, he nodded his head up and down.  And then he was thirsty and sucked coke up out of the straw like no one year old should be able to do.  
  • Soon we were at home and we read our Bible story-poor Campbell fell asleep during the story, she was so tired.  And then Robby told the kids that tomorrow was going to be yard day and everyone needed to help pick up sticks from the storm today.  Anderson replied "I'm not doing that.  I am going to stay in the house where the air vents are."  We probably need to work a bit on his work ethic!

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