June 23, 2014

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Just like new with a bit of spray paint!

  • Schedules were a bit off today as everyone was trying to get back into the routine; well, it actually started about 1:00 a.m. when Campbell decided she was scared and then got Keaton riled up.  It took about 4 trips upstairs between Robby and I before everyone was sleeping peacefully until...
  • Graham came to report that Campbell and Keaton were up and it was only 6:40.  Knowing I had lots of stuff to get done today, I obliged and soon everyone was in our room anxious to wake up Whitman. But next thing I knew that were building forts in the bonus room.
  • Robby was soon off to work and that meant it was time for breakfast and chores.  Everyone worked together pretty well and I even got spaghetti made fairly early that would be supper later in the night.  The boys prepped their school desks for painting by cleaning the tops.
  • Next thing I knew Robby was calling to say he would be home early because the lawn mower repair folks were coming to pick up his riding lawn mower.  They weren't supposed to come until July 2nd so he was glad to hear they could come early.  He'd work from home the rest of the day - most of it with his headphones in his ear as the kids played all around.
  • It was movie time and rest time for Keaton and Whitman. I even got a run in with a few visits from Campbell.
  • Keaton was up by 4:00 anxious to get her snack and join the others for the end of movies.  A bi of Kindle time and then it was time for the boys to start painting their desks. Poor Graham - he got a bad can of paint. It just didn't work right - even for me - so we figured it was defective and we decided we'd need to buy a new can.  Anderson was able to get his painted a bright Razorback red.
  • When Robby was done with work, he joined us outside for a few pushes on the swing and the kids talked to him into a game of kickball. I stayed in to get Whitman up, cook up their supper before i escaped to Bunko.  Before I knew it, I looked out and it was pouring down rain.  But the kids and Robby stayed out determined to finish their game.  (Well, Campbell and Keaton decided the rain was a bit too much.)  The rain kept getting harder and harder and finally Anderson scored the winning run and then they decided to just play in the rain.  They found the cones and started filling them with rain water and pour over their heads.
  • Eventually everyone came inside for showers and then I was slipped out while they were eating supper.  They finished their spaghetti and biscuits before a bit more Kindle time.
  • They watched a couple of short Bible story movies and Whitman got the biggest kick out of the movies and just started showing out.  He kept pointing at the tv and jumping up and down and making circles - enough to make himself dizzy.  When the short ones were over, he went to bed and the kids picked out a couple of pieces of candy for their dessert and watched a couple more movie on RightNowMedia.org site (a car movie and then a story about Moses and Manna.
  • Next up i was bed time and everyone was tired from another full day and soon asleep!

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