June 25, 2014

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Just a little mowing!

  • It is like we have a newborn baby around here.  The last few nights it was Campbell up in the middle of the night.  We did everything we could think of last night for her to sleep peacefully and she did.  But Graham didn't sleep well.  A bit before 2 he started his moaning, sighing and noise making.  He was asleep so Robby made him get up and go potty but minutes later, he was back at it.  So I went up to get him up to go and potty again-I didn't know that Robby had already made him potty but I did realize he was pretty ticked at me for some reason.  After about 30 minutes of trying to get him to hush and go back to sleep or sleep quietly, he finally did and we all slept well after that.
  • Last night before we even tucked everyone in, Keaton asked when breakfast was.  So Robby reminded everyone that we would indeed eat breakfast but they were not to ask.  I told them that breakfast would only happen after I was out of bed, after I was dressed and ready and after Whitman was up and had a clean diaper.  That did help some with the constant questioning of when we are going to eat breakfast.
  • We did eat breakfast on time and then the kids started on their chores-dishes, straightening, emptying the trash, putting away laundry, emptying the dishes and whatever else I could think of last night to put on their list.  Then they started on their school work-reading, summer journal and computer math.  And don't feel sorry for them at all, they were finished with everything by 10 and were playing upstairs and then on their kindles for the rest of the morning.
  • I spent some of the morning trying to work on packing-just gathering a few things.  Packing is always overwhelming to me, probably because I over-think things.  I really should just throw a few clothes in a bag and some cokes in the ice chest and away we go but instead I have a 3 page detailed list.  
  • We had our lunch and then did quite a bit of reading before the afternoon nap time.  Not much really happened around here this afternoon-it was a pretty slow afternoon.  The kids eventually went outside to play. 
  • My Whitman just has no fear-even of loud things.  That is probably because we use the handvac to clean him off when he is finished eating.  I was using the push mower and he just walked right up to me.  And then when Robby got on the riding mower, he raised his arm for Robby to pick him up.  Whitman did want down pretty quickly but then he decided that he liked riding on the mower with Robby.
  • The kids played outside as I got supper ready.  Then everyone came in for showers and then supper.  After supper, we picked up the house a bit and then watched a Bible story movie-the film was probably older than me but everyone watched it.  Whitman even made it through the movie-he sat on the floor trying to stack his toy cups.  He worked and worked trying to stack those cups up.  I so wanted to jump down there and do it for him but he didn't care if he stacked them on not, he was just having fun playing.

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