June 26, 2014

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Blueberry Pickin' Day!

  • The kids were up early this morning and that was a good thing.  We needed plenty of time to get ourselves ready for the day...and that even gave us some time to do a few chores before we left the house.
  • We picked up Nonna and then headed to Bo Brooks to pick blueberries.  The weather could not have been more perfect, it was cloudy and not too hot though it was a bit sticky (I guess it could have been a bit more perfect but it was still pretty good for blueberry picking.)
  • The kids did really, really well picking blueberries-Reagan picked the most with Anderson picking less than her and Graham picking less than Anderson and on down the line.  That is really interesting to me.  They all worked and worked-well, Anderson did quite a bit of supervising and Campbell did quite a bit of eating.  
  • I eventually let Whitman out of the stroller and he walked to bush after bush and would squat down and look at it.  He didn't really understand what we were doing and at first when we would hand him a blueberry he didn't like it but by the time we left, he was eating them out of our buckets.
  • Nonna picked a bit less than us but the kids delighted in helping her fill up her bucket.  Robby asked me what I was going to do with a gallon of blueberries and the answer is, I have no idea!
  • We went to Nonna's house and had a bite of lunch before I took my big 4 and left.  We first stopped by the library to drop off a bunch of books.  I have about 15 more books that we need to read before our trip.  And I want to finish our 3rd Little House book-On the Banks of Plum Creek.  We are listening to that one on CDs and I think that it is my favorite.  That Laura so reminds me of one of my friends kids.  
  • Then we went to El Centro for the afternoon.  The kids did really well and enjoyed playing with all of the kids but they really enjoyed the popsicles that were handed out at the end.  And when we left, we went to see Beebee for a few minutes.  Since Keaton wasn't there my other kiddos all worked together to pick out the perfect pieces of candy to take back to her.  They always take care of each other and they practically came to blows in the van debating on who would give her the candy and the Sonic drink that we bought her.
  • We made sure that we left Beebee in plenty of time to hit Sonic happy hour before we picked up Keaton and Whitman.  Keaton was just about asleep when I walked in and Whitman was happily napping.  When we did get home, the kids stayed outside while I went inside to work a bit.
  • Robby was outside as well and when I noticed him putting up his tractor and telling the kids to pick up, I also saw the kickball bases.  So I put on my shoes and put on Whitman's shoes and out we went.  I didn't want to miss a kickball game.  Our games have become quite heated and vicious-no, not really.  But the kids have really gotten better and we all really enjoy it.  Anderson wants me to find a kickball league for the family.  Maybe they have upward kickball!
  • Once inside we showered and then made tortilla pizzas.  The man that was on Good Morning Arkansas before us made them and the kids have been asking to make them since that day.  And they intently watched Robby as he told them how to make the pizzas and then they followed his directions perfectly-even Keaton.  
  • We decided that our supper was a keeper and we would have to make it again.  Then we had a quick overview of where all we are going on our trip and then it was movie and bedtime!  Tomorrow is just as busy, if not busier than today, so everyone will hopefully sleep all night!

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