June 12, 2014

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Water might be a bit chilly...
  • Another day here at the Dennie house.  I guess that I wasn't up and moving as soon as the kids thought I should have been (I was actually folding laundry) and they told me that they could get their own breakfast and didn't need my help.  I suggested that they could wait just a few minutes or better yet help me fold a few towels-they just ignored me and walked away!
  • As soon as their daily work was done, the kids went outside.  I waited until Whitman went down for his morning nap to go outside.  I spent the first few hours cleaning my front chair and bench.  I did have the kids help me with the flower beds for a minute and Robby had them pick up a few sticks.  But other than that, they just played and played all day long.
  • The kids rode their bikes, swang, played on the tree house, rode scooters, made dirt pizzas (that is the new things-they play mystery shopper at the pizza place), sprayed the burn pile and even spent some time playing their kindle in the tree house.  By mid afternoon the kids were ready to go inside but they were too filthy to even look at the house much less enter it, so Robby told them they could bring their kindles outdoors for a bit.  
  • This morning Campbell found out that she was getting to spend the night with Nonna tonight.  Now tomorrow she is spending the night with Grannymom and had already packed her bag for that adventure.  When I asked about Nonna's house too, she was delighted.  Now if you will remember that last time she was going to Nonna's house, my grandmother fell and broke her leg so that had to be put on hold.  About noon today, my dad called me to say that they were taking my grandmother to the hospital.  I tried to tell him that Campbell would be fine and she could wait a few more days but he would hear none of that-they were determined that Campbell was spending the night tonight.  (My grandma's hospital stay should be short.)
  • Towards the end of the afternoon, we decided that the rain was not going to come so we had everyone help up clean up the yard stuff and we headed to the pool.  The kids so wanted Robby to get into the pool but it is still cold-I believe that Robby said "ice cube" cold so they will have to wait a bit longer before he dives in.  Speaking of diving, we were trying to teach the kids how to dive tonight from our comfy chairs and they can only do the best belly flops ever!
  • And tonight, we turned Whitman's stroller around so he couldn't really see the pool.  We just kept him entertained with a hamburger, candy, milk, Robby's sunglasses, playing peek a boo and lots of pool toys.  He still wasn't too happy with us but he can get in next time (if I take him.)
  • At home, it was time for much needed showers-though I guess that we washed most of the filth off of the kids in the pool.  Then bedtime for everyone-and I don't think that we are too far behind.  

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