June 3, 2014-Camping Adventure!

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Setting up camp!

  • This morning was Campbell's last day of school and my girl was thrilled-not so much that it was her last day but because she got to stay all day long or maybe she was excited about eating her lunch that I had packed for her.  Either way, she was up and ready before Robby this morning.  
  • And to make things ever better for the girl, they stopped by Nonna's house on the way to school so Robby could work on Pops' computer.  Robby said that Campbell knew they were only staying for a bit and mostly talked to Nonna while they were over there.  Robby snapped a picture of Ms. Hannah and Campbell as Campbell went into class for her last day of a prek-3.
  • Meanwhile back at home, the rest of us were working hard around the house and on the kids summer school work.  Tuesdays are math worksheet days instead of computer math so some folks were glad about that (Reagan) and others were not (Anderson).  Graham had actually done his math on the computer before I remembered that it was Tuesday so of course he didn't have to do it again.
  • My goal was to be pretty much finished with my work by 10 and I just barely made it.  The kids helped me load up the car with a table full of last minute stuff.  Then we put all of our ice chest food on the same shelf in the fridge.  At 10, Whitman had his nap and we did some reading then I let the kids watch a few movies while I made some bread...
  • Not wheat bread today but elephant ear bread.  It was a pinterest recipe and it was not a fail.  It was basically cinnamon rolls that weren't rolled up but cut into squares and put in a bread pan.  Skinny (I mean, Robby who has only 9 more pounds to lose to hit his goal weight) said that he could eat the entire thing-it really was that good.
  • Now I do not like leaving for a trip in the middle of the day.  Of course I know that often that can't be helped but it seems like I just spend the entire day picking up things that I have already picked up.  So today, I just didn't pick up and happily made my bread in the kitchen-made for a much less stressful day.  
  • Robby was able to come home in time to eat a bite of lunch after the kids and then he loaded up the final things into the car.  Let's see, 6 kids 2 adults and enough camping stuff to completely fill a 15 passenger van.  Seriously, we could almost have hauled a trailer behind us-but we sure didn't want to forget anything.  (Even though we do already have a list of things that we should have brought)
  • When Robby did say that it was time to leave, my crew threw down their kindles and bounded into the car.  Poor Keaton has not a clue what this camping would be but she was just as excited as the others.  Even Whitman could sense the excitement in the air and stayed awake the entire trip to Lake Catherine.
  • We picked up Campbell and squeezed her into the car with the rest of us and then we were off.  The ride didn't take any time and soon we found our campsite.  You don't get to pick them here but we are very close to the bathrooms and have a decent spot.  As soon as the car rolled to a stop everyone was out and ready to help set up camp.
  • First we worked on the tent-everyone helped and the tent went up without a problem.  The last time we used the tent we did have a few less kids so when it came time for me to lay the sleeping bags out in this 8 man tent, I kept having to count to see how many more spots I was going to have to come up with.  
  • Here is the current sleeping position-Keaton, Robby, Campbell, me, Anderson, Graham and then Whitman's pack n play in the middle at our feet and then Reagan is at the feet of the boys.  We are at max capacity!  Robby and I debated putting up our little tent (5 man) that we brought but opted against it since we didn't think any of the kids would actually sleep all night in it (I wouldn't sleep in a tent all by myself now much less when I was 8)
  • After the tent, we worked on everything else-we just kept pulling stuff out of the van.  And the van is still full of stuff-a bag of sandals, 3 bags of food, a bag of books/papers, a carrier, bathing suits, towels and seriously, the list just goes on and on.  The kids quickly found their bag of balls and outside toys and started playing while Robby and I set up the kitchen area.  
  • Once all of that was done, we were just dripping wet with sweat-it is a tad bit sticky and warm (some may say hot) but when you are in the shade and sit down, you do cool off well.  The big ones rode on their scooters some and Reagan did fall and hurt her knee and elbow but after a good cry, she shook it off fairly well and was good to go.
  • So we went on a walk around the campsite.  Poor Keaton could have come right back and gone to bed after our little walk-hope she will do well on the hike tomorrow!  Ha!  During the walk, the kids had 2 of our little cameras and a picture was taken of every single thing that we saw-if Robby post those pictures you will feel just like you took the walk with us and will not miss a single thing.  I was afraid that people were going to think we were stalking them.  
  • On our way back to the campsite-Robby saw squirrels eating our hot dog buns!  Eeek!  Anderson ran to scare them off and we were able to salvage some of our buns but still had plenty left after we ate tonight.  That was a good lesson for us to put our food back in the car-good thing it was just squirrels and not bears (Campbell is excitedly looking for bears).  Actually, I think that we have lost hot dog buns another time due to squirrels when camping-we should have learned our lesson.
  • Back at camp, the kids shot the boys' bows and arrows which was quite entertaining at how far they can go.  Then there were a few rounds of frisbee as we waited for the fire to warm up.  We have these mosquito tiny torch like sticks and Graham bumped into one of those-the ash fell in his sock and he got a bit of a burn.  You should have seen him rip his shoe and sock off but after some ice and medicine, he was fine.  
  • When the fire was ready, we roasted hot dogs and not an eye one was poked out!  I call that a successful dinner!  The hot dogs were really, really good or maybe I was just starving.  By this time, Whitman was tired of being in the stroller, tired of being in his pack n play, mad that he didn't get to walk around camp more so even though he was strapped to his high chair, he just took off crawling with that chair on his back! 
  • Soon after that, we moved his pack n play back into the tent, turned the fan on him and handed him some milk and he was quickly asleep!  The rest of us worked on making smores.  Keaton helped roast a marshmallow but had no idea what I handed her to eat-she still ate it up.  (Probably should have been a benedryl laced smores because she is still up talking away even after 11)
  • After our smores, we played a family game of uno.  The game was not nearly as exciting as watching the kids shake and slap themselves when they felt a bug on or even near them.  Next we walked down to the bathrooms to change into our pajamas and brush teeth.  On the way back, Keaton asked if we were going home!
  • Once in the tent, everyone laid down and we passed out kindles for a few minutes.  They are pretty tired though and it is about to be lights out.  So far (at 11:20) I will call our first camping day a success!  Hopefully, we will all sleep well!-I guess I could always sleep in the van.  Who am I kidding, I would have to sleep on top of the van since the inside is so full!

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