June 9. 2014

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Kids Table!

  • It was close to 9 this morning when we ate breakfast around here.  I don't know what we are going to do next week when Reagan and Anderson have to be at church at 7 in the morning for camp each day-eeek!
  • The kids started on their chores and school work and that seemed to take most of the morning.  No one was in a hurry and that was fine.  They ended up playing in the school room with playdoh and coloring Graham's t-shirt while I rearranged the school books.  Before too long, it was already lunch time.  
  • In my goal for Whitman to not be so picky, we had green beans (really, what kid doesn't eat green beans?-Whitman that is who!) for lunch.  We also had mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets.  That boy may not like green beans but he sure does love chicken nuggets.  I will mention that I fixed 26 nuggets for lunch-seriously? What will 6 teenagers eat?
  • After our lunch, we picked up and then the kids had a bit of kindle time.  Soon Keaton decided that she was ready for her nap so I quickly put her and Whitman to bed and the rest of us started to read for a bit.  By the time that the kids started watching their movies and I had made their snack (apples and edamame), Whitman was already waking up from his nap.
  • I put him along with a huge cup of milk and a handful of crackers in his exersaucer and I ran to the treadmill for a bit.  I only had to get off once to go downstairs to break up a Reagan and Campbell fight so that was good.  When I finished, I woke up Keaton and she watched the last movie with Reagan.  And my Keaton did stay dry all morning long so that was a good thing-she may still be wearing pull ups in kindergarten.
  • Soon Robby was home and we all headed out to eat pizza.  The restaurant was small but we managed to sit the kids in a booth behind us.  They did really for not being at the same table as us and they devoured a big pizza and then started on ours.  We were just  thankful that picky Whitman decided that he liked pizza or he was going to fall apart.  He didn't like the breadsticks that we had as appetizers-I think he is trying to assert his independence with his pickiness.
  • At home, we watched a movie about Joseph and then it was bedtime for all.  Oh and one more thing...As we were leaving the pizza place tonight, a worker asked "is this a field trip?"  I have been asked a lot of questions about our little family but that was the first time I have been asked that question!

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