June 2, 2014

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Popsicles at the pool!

  • This morning as kids came in and out of my room, Keaton climbed in bed with me and we both fell back asleep for a bit.  When I woke up, I started opening up the blinds in the house and a few minutes later, Keaton was right by my side.  We soon passed out doughnuts to everyone for breakfast-there was a bit of disappointment with the one half glazed and one half fancy smancy doughnut that the kids had.  Reagan didn't want the fancy smancy type and Graham wanted more of any type or kind.  
  • Everyone started on their chores and marking things off of their list pretty early this morning. The kids were working hard because we were going swimming as soon as our list were finished.  And it took every bit of the morning to finish their list and for me to work on the house (a bit-but really, when I look around now, I can't tell if I accomplished anything or not)
  • Sara, Eden and Lilly met us at the pool.  We all arrived before the lifeguards were set up so they waited a minute but they gave me the chance to do sunscreen on everyone.  But sunscreen wasn't really needed too much-since it poured on us for about 20 minutes.   I am not talking about a bit of rain or a sprinkle-it was pouring.  I was under the huge umbrella and I had to cover up with a towel and poor Whitman was pretty wet by the blowing rain.  There was no thunder so that was a good thing and the kids squealed as they got wet from the rain (even though they were already wet from the pool)  
  • Now let's talk for a minute about my perfect child-Whitman.  He woke up and I sat him in his highchair to eat.  He stayed there for a while until I let him down for a few minutes.  He quickly started getting into trouble so I put him in his pack n play for Graham to read to him.  Then I put him in his car seat for the ride to the pool. At the pool, he sat in his stroller the entire time (I didn't want him or me to get pneumonia being out in the cold rain/water).  Then it was back in his car seat for the drive home and once at home, he was sound asleep so I put him in his bed.  All that to say, my poor child was contained in some form or another all morning and afternoon long-does that make me a bad mom?  In my defense, he was happy most of the time.
  • The rain eventually stopped and we all dried out and by the time that the sun came up, it was time for lunch.  The kids gobbled up their food during the 10 minutes of adult swim.  My big 3 swam in the deep, deep end for a long time.  Now Graham and Reagan are probably stronger swimmers than Anderson so he does swim less than them but he will definitely not be left out.  Hopefully his swimming skills will improve this year (oh, don't get my wrong-he can swim well and I don't worry at all about him but I think his asthma causes him not to be under the water as long as the others)
  • Sara left during the kid swim and I took that opportunity for us to leave a few minutes early as well.  Somehow we lost/left 2 of our brand new pairs of goggles at the pool.  The kids have been so good at getting them back to me and I doubled checked our area as we walked off.  There is nothing more frustrating than that-oh, well, maybe they will be in the lost and found box but really they are just goggles!
  • Once at home, we showered and then the little ones slept while I read some to the big folks.  Then they watched a few movies.  The last movie pick was Campbell's pick but she didn't even want to watch a movie because she knew when the movies were over, it was time for them to start packing-we are going camping tomorrow and my kids are beyond excited.  
  • They helped me pack pretty much all afternoon and when Robby was home, we filled up (yep, filled up) the entire 15 passenger van.  It is so full that 2 kids will have to share the same car seat!  (well, almost)  
  • This evening we watched another Bible story movie and then read our Bible story before bed.  There are so many good Bible stories videos on the rightnowmedia.org (insert commercial!) and my kids are loving watching all of them.  GSFBC makes rightnowmedia available to all members for free.

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