June 21, 2014

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A swim with Dad!

  • First, the highlights for the boys in Mississippi.  They woke up at 7 and I am shocked that they didn't wake up earlier than that.  Uncle Les cooked a big breakfast and then they were off to the zoo.  It looks like they had a blast at the zoo-sting rays, a show, playing in the geyser, feeding birds. Then more swimming, supper and bike/scooter riding.  I believe they are having a blast and never want to return to Arkansas.  
  • Back at home, it has been pretty quiet here.  This morning the big activity was painting the girls' school desks.  First we had to clean them with shaving cream-this was the most fun way to clean them.  I asked Reagan to come and help and she saw what Keaton and Campbell were doing (hands in the shaving cream) and she just rolled her eyes and walked away.  My Reagan abhors getting any type of cream, lotion, soap on her hands-there is no way that she would ever do this.
  • But my Whitman took her place.  He would walk up and put his hands in the shaving cream mess and then look at me to see if it was okay.  I don't think he was too fond of it either though because he wouldn't stick around for long.  My Keaton and Campbell loved this and stuck around until the shaving cream was gone.
  • Then we taped up the top and eventually headed out to paint.  We used Pops' spray paint gun and it was so easy.  Reagan painted hers first and her blue is really pretty and then Campbell painted her desk.  I did help both of them but probably let Campbell do a bit too much on her own so she does have a few spots that needed a second coat but since we ran out of paint it is just fine.  I wish that we would have done this when we first bought our desks-they really do look good.
  • We helped Robby in the yard for a bit but we mostly the girls and I sat on the patio drinking lemonade-it was really the perfect day for that!  Then the girls and I came back inside for chicken spaghetti for lunch.
  • Soon Robby was inside and we headed to the grocery store to pick up a few things-2 buggies worth.  The kids were fine in the store-mainly because they were busy guzzling down their slushies that Robby bought to bribe them.  Whitman did get tired towards the end-he had already had his milk so I just poured what was left of Keaton's slush in the bottom of his milk cup.  So he had a milky slush and that kept him happy for the rest of the trip.
  • Once at home, it took all of us to unload and put away the groceries.  Whitman then had a nap and the girls watched a movie while Robby worked in his office and I put our camping pictures in an album.  Before too long, we loaded up again to head to the pool.
  • Evenings are the perfect time to come to the pool-no sunscreen required, not many folks, not hot.  Grannymom and Grandpa met us there and we ate Robby's grilled hot dogs for supper.  It seems like anything we bring to eat at the pool just taste delicious.  We swam almost until closing and then we rushed home for showers, Bible story and bed.  My girls were so tired that I am pretty sure they crashed!

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