June 14, 2014

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Celebrating Arkansas' 178th Birthday!

  • As Robby ran early this morning, I served up breakfast.  Robby really wanted to make sausage and eggs but thought since he was getting his numbers done at Sams (free health screening) so he didn't want to skew them with a delicious breakfast.  
  • The plan was not to leave to early this morning so the kids and I took it easy.  I tried to straighten up and I am not really sure what they did.  Just a few days ago, I started worrying that Whitman wasn't talking too much.  But since then, I have heard him say so many words-mama, dada, bye, go (or possibly dog), peek a boo and even some others.  I guess I won't have to get out my speechie hat and work with him.
  • Before Robby finished with his run, we had decided to leave early on our outing.  Jason had recommended the Old State House today so we added that to our list.  We quickly got ourselves ready (having one less takes a bit less time and it seems like we didn't have hardly anyone with us).
  • Our first stop was Sams for Robby to get his health screen-ALL of his numbers were great so that is very, very good.  But the line was long, long so the kids and I had to find a few things to do while we waited.  First we split 2 icees into their cups and then we walked on.  
  • The next stop was the samples.  There was one table that had 3 different kinds of cakes.  I told the kids they could each have one.  I was standing by the tiny cupfuls of brownies getting a sample for Keaton and Whitman.  Graham asked me if he could have some carrot cake.  I looked over at the tiny cupfuls of carrot cake and said "sure, get one."  Then I heard the ladies saying "oh, no" and "not that one, sweetie."  My Graham had not seen the little cups and started to grab the entire carrot cake cupcake.  The ladies had a good laugh and were as sweet as they could be to him.  We also had a good laugh but my Graham was a bit embarrassed.  He told me a minute later that he didn't want any samples.  I reminded him that he didn't do anything wrong and soon he had forgotten all about it.  
  • We had more samples as we walked up and down by Robby patiently waiting in line.  After we had looked at the toys and the books, Robby was finally finished.  Then they walked over to Taco Bell for a quick lunch while I drove the van.  The walk to Taco Bell through the parking lot was the highlight of the day for Keaton-it is hard to remember that it is the little things that make the kids so happy.
  • Then we picked up Grannymom, Grandpa and our Campbell that we have all started to miss.  We miss the excitement that she adds to the crew.  We headed to the Old State House to celebrate the state of Arkansas' 178th birthday.  When you arrived, you were given a packet that had a fictional family name and it also had a list of tasks that you must complete there and at the Historic Arkansas Museum.  
  • We ran out of time to go to both places but we did manage to find a doctor and pay him for services, order shoes for the boys, make a toy boat for Whitman and sign Reagan up to be a basket making apprenticeship.  The kids really enjoyed it and they all loved getting to make that boat-everyone got to saw some and the big girls even got to drill.   The man was so incredibly patient with the kids.
  • Then we loaded up and went to the Arkansas Flag and Banner store to take part in the singing of the National Anthem to break the record.  This place had free lemonade and popcorn and when the kids played the bag-go game they won a piece of candy.  Needless to say, the kids loved this event as well.
  • After dropping off Grannymom and Grandpa, we came home to work on Robby's father's day treat while he worked in the yard.  All the kids started helping me but by the end I only had a sticky mess, a sticky Campbell and a sticky Keaton-everyone else had left me!  Before I had cleaned myself, the little girls and the kitchen it was time for a kickball game.
  • Graham has been begging us to play kickball and Robby had told him that we would play today.  The teams were Robby, Reagan, Graham and Keaton against me, Anderson, Campbell and neighbor boy 1 (yes, he is the one who did the minor breaking and entering into our house last week but I feel sorry for him-he isn't mean but just not smart enough to know/remember right from wrong.  But he always says "yes ma'am" and I like that)  My team won-actually we stomped the other team.  
  • After 3 innings, it was time to load up for Sonic to celebrate Pops' Father's day.  The kids played until 8-half price shake time.  Then we all ate and gave Pops his gift.  Right before we ate, poor Whitman fell and scraped his lip/bit his lip and will look pitiful tomorrow but a cup of milk and ice cream made him feel all better.
  • Once at home, the kids had showers and it was bedtime.  They were all excited to read our Bible story book again since we don't read when we are missing someone-everyone knew that tonight we would start Exodus.  

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